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5 Reasons to Keep Waxing in Winter Months!

5 Reasons to Keep Waxing in Winter Months!

5 Reasons to Keep Waxing in Winter Months!

  1. Interrupting the Hair Growth Cycle Is a Bad Idea!

Unlike other hair removal techniques, waxing removes the hairs from their roots which affects the hair follicles. As time passes on the hair follicles start mending and if given more time, it can create the same hold to your hair. As opposed to the nature of waxing which eventually makes the growth sparser with time, putting this routine in a dormant phase can reverse this cycle. Following your regular waxing cycles will nullify the possibilities of interrupting the growth of your body hair- making the coming ‘beachbody’ season bearable. And if you give it a thought, using a home-waxing kit should be no trouble regardless of the seasons.


  1. Cold Weather Means Flakier/ Dead Skin

It goes without saying, how dry and parched our skin gets in cold months that hardly any moisturizers work if we only apply it once. The drier the skin, the deader it is. Accumulation of the dead skin cells is the reason your skin gets even more flaky and malnourished. Regular exfoliation can keep the dead and flaky skin at bay replacing it with new and healthy cells. Waxing rejuvenates the skin by providing enough moisture. If the snow-falls or those windy winds are keeping you from maintaining your waxing appointments, it’s the best time to try some of our best at-home waxes.


  1. Ingrown Hairs Don’t Know It’s Winter

It is hard to believe we can stay away from those pretty skirts, but because they won’t be in our plans, we opt for the next best hair removal option after waxing in emergency situations, and that’s shaving. Now, the damage caused by ingrown hairs you may have tried to avoid will come back with the same thrust and worsen the issue. Ingrown hairs are not going to stop growing because it’s winter and we are too lazy to wax.


  1. Do You Want to Relive the Pain of Your First Waxing Session?

Do you remember how painful the first waxing session was? Well, if you eliminate waxing in the winter months, the hair follicle becomes healed and regains its hold to the roots just like before you started waxing. So, leaving a huge gap in between is an invitation of excessive pain which we can avoid evidently.


  1. Because You’ll Feel Clean, Comfortable, And Confident!

It’s routine to wear thermals and leggings all through the winters and we needn’t mention how uncomfortable these tight apparels get if you don’t wax and let the hair grow. Not only that, it also increases the chances of ingrown hair. Waxing tackles the hairiness with minimal discomfort for a whole month

Doesn’t each reason seem legitimate? It does, right? Well, our waxing products are much more legitimate and adequate when it comes to efficacy and quality. Scan through the range of Starpil and make your winters sumptuous. We also provide face wax kits which are inclusive of facial wax warmer leaving no room for the reason of unavailability!



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