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8 Things Your Client Should Know Before Their First Wax

8 Things Your Client Should Know  Before Their First Wax

8 Things Your Client Should Know Before Their First Wax

Let It Grow!

Any licensed esthetician will tell you, letting your hair grow out to about ¼ of an inch prior to your first hair removal wax session will help the wax adhere to your hairs better. Thus, ensuring all hair can be grasped and removed. StarSoft is a CLEAR hair removal solution, and the best European Wax available on the market today. You can literally SEE the wax working!

● No Pain, No Gain.
  • We can’t lie - waxing HURTS! Whether you have the pain threshold of a ninja, or cringe at just the sight, prepare yourself by taking some Advil or Ibuprofen (NOT Aspirin) about 30 minutes before your hair removal session. This will help ease any soreness, especially for your first waxing session. We also recommend ditching alcohol, caffeine, and even the gym a few days prior, to help reduce pain. Less blood circulation = less pain. If you have hypersensitive skin, StarSoft may be the best hair removal wax for you. It’s neurosensory properties call for a nearly painless wax experience.
● Sweatpants + You = Best Friends
  • You’ll want to give yourself some breathing room after your waxing session. Waxing with depilatory wax opens up the pores and makes the area more tender than usual. Waxing can also exfoliate the skin. Going commando under your sweats - more so after a Brazilian Wax - is highly encouraged. But don’t fret - StarSoft’s hair removal wax formula includes Tamanu Oil, an active principle with outstanding restoring, repairing & moisturizing properties. Its neurosensory active principles relieve and soothe skin, producing an immediate restructuring effect, helping to raise skin’s tolerance threshold under abnormal conditions. It also significantly reduces itching and redness in highly sensitive skin types!
● Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!
  • Preparing your skin for your hair removal wax session is a vital part of the waxing process. Any esthetician can vouch that exfoliating just a few days prior helps keeps dead skin cells, oil, and clogged pores to a minimum. Exfoliating also allows growing hair to break through the surface. 
● Moisturizer on Hold!
  • Although lathering up in your favorite lotion seems like a great idea, refrain from using any moisturizer the day of your waxing session. The use of moisturizer makes it harder for the wax to adhere to your hair. What about post wax? Negative. Allow your skin at least a day to breathe. Applying moisturizer will only clog the pores, causing inflammation & irritation. 
● Gym? Not Today.
  • We know how important the gym can be. Breaking a sweat after a waxing session, however - that’s a NO, NO. Especially after a Brazilian depilatory wax service. Take a rest day (or two), and use things such as ice packs and aloe gel to help close up the follicles and reduce swelling.
● Things are looking a LITTLE strange…
  • Your treated areas may look red, swollen, and/or bumpy - this is normal. Sticking to a healthy waxing aftercare routine will help get things back to normal, faster. Avoid the sun, skip the tan, the gym, the beach - even sex - and lightly exfoliate 48hrs later.
● A Little TLC, Goes A Long Way.
  • Post wax care is just as important as the prep. In the 4-6 weeks between your next waxing visit, exfoliate and keep your skin moisturized. Flaky skin can cause skin discomfort while waxing, so be sure to stay hydrated.
Now Go Forth & Get Smooth!



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