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Bridal Waxing 101: When, How, Which; Answers to Every Waxing Query!

Bridal Waxing 101: When, How, Which; Answers to Every Waxing Query!

Bridal Waxing 101: When, How, Which; Answers to Every Waxing Query!

Congratulations! We assume your big day is just around the corner and this might be the tenth site visited to check those facts on waxing that could fall in line with the schedule of a bride. Stay back, relax, and let us guide you on your hair removal tensions for your wedding day!


Firstly, Are You Still Not Sure About Waxing?


There are many women out there who are not comfortable with the idea of waxing, yet. If you too are one of them, let us reassure you that waxing is not as harsh as you may think. Especially for a wedding which is usually followed by a long honeymoon, waxing can be a blessing. You won’t need to pick a razor until you get back from your honeymoon, there’ll be no conscious efforts on not showing your skin, no stubble, no cuts, no bruises, nothing but a smooth, sumptuous skin for at least 2-3 weeks!


Planning on Getting Waxed Just Before your Wedding Day? Not A Good Idea!


We get it! You want your skin to be fresh on your wedding day, but do you want to feel discomfort in that tight wedding dress? If you are already using a professional home-waxing kit or visiting salons for the same, you’d know how wax removes your hair. It pulls off the hair from roots which affects the hair follicles.


Although you may not feel anything after a few hours of waxing, your skin needs to heal a bit before you put yourself in that ornate dress. It is ideal to get waxed before two days of your wedding especially if you are booked for any other beauty treatments such as facial, mani-pedi, etc. Waxing moisturizes your skin and the chemicals used in these treatments can accumulate in the opened pores of the skin which can potentially cause acne.


We would strictly advise you to go to a salon for bridal waxing. There’s a fair chance of you messing up with something like a wax burner or over-doing at the same place which could affect your wedding image.


Which Wax Should You Choose?


If you are already doing it and pain is not an issue for you, go with what you are comfortable with. Don’t experiment anything new for your wedding. Staying in the comfort zone is what any bride would need regardless of what it is.


And if you are new to waxing, the first thing you must do is try waxing before you are up for your wedding. If you are given a chance of time, utilize it in experimenting before you pick your best for the wedding. But before you go for it, here is what you must know about the waxes:


There are two kinds of waxes, soft wax, and hard wax. The former wax is what you have always imagined, a tin of wax, strips, pre and post-wax lotion, and spatulas. Soft wax is considered to be a bit more painful than the hard wax and is ideal if your hairs are longer than three-quarters of an inch.


Hard wax, on the other hand, is believed to be less painful than soft wax. It sticks just to the hair unlike soft wax which also sticks to the skin. Ideal for smaller areas like face, underarms, and bikini, hard wax can also be used for arms and legs but can be time-consuming. Choose a hard-wax beans kit especially if you have sparse hair growth as this wax makes sure to pull off even the smallest of hairs. And yes, your hair should at least be a quarter of an inch long for a thorough waxing.


Doesn’t seem all that bad, does it? You get to enjoy your soft, velvety skin for almost 2-3 weeks which could be just 2-3 days versus shaving. If you are already into waxing, Starpil has amazing products that could help you get ready for the day. Scan our range and don’t miss out on the ingrown hair treatment!



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