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Business Feature Friday: Abdelnour Day Spa

Business Feature Friday: Abdelnour Day Spa

Business Feature Friday: Abdelnour Day Spa

Instagram: abdelnour_dayspa

Twenty-six-year-old Amanda Soliman is the owner of Abdelnour Day Spa, a startup business making a name for itself in Yonkers, about forty-five minutes outside of Manhattan. Dubbed “The Palace”, Abdelnour Day Spa lies on Nepperhan Avenue, the same street Amanda lived on when she and her family immigrated to New York from Egypt at the age of three. Her Egyptian roots as have inspired the overall look and feel of her business.    

“Having my shop be on the same exact street I first lived on when I moved here has so much value to me! I am literally reminded daily of where I came from. Also, a fun fact is that “Abdelnour” means “slave of light” in Arabic. It is my grandfather’s name. My culture has a lot to do with my business, and I embrace it as much as I can!”

Amanda studied Liberal Arts at Mount St. Vincent in the Bronx and worked at Sedora Spa for two years. She loved working there and she learned many of the ins and outs of the beauty industry while she was there. After graduating college, Amanda felt lost. She was discouraged that her new degree was not opening the doors she was looking for and felt that in the long run, she would regret not have pursued a career she was passionate about.

Three days after graduating college, Amanda packed her bags and embarked on a twenty-two-hour long journey to the Sunshine State. Amanda had always wanted to move to Florida and felt that this was the perfect moment to do so. She had a job lined up as a receptionist at Amy’s Day Spa. She thought it was a great opportunity to get her feet wet and loved working there as well.

“Just seeing people feel good after a service was always incredible to me. So, it dawned on me, this is what I am supposed to be doing.”

Amanda would always wax her friends and gave them facials simply because she loved making people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Seeing people’s confidence elevate after her services made Amanda want to fulfil her dream of becoming an esthetician. She knew that she wanted to own her own business one day and returned home to study esthetics.

Becoming a professional in her passion made Amanda eager to work and use all the knowledge she obtained from her schooling. Being laser certified, Amanda landed a job as a laser technician in the midst of the hustle and bustle of New York City. However, things took an unexpected turn and Amanda’s first two weeks of work consisted of unpaid training. To make matters worse, Amanda was fired after finally being put on payroll for being “too professional.”

“Yup, those were the exact words they used. They then shrugged it off and said they saw me more in a dermatologist office. I did one better. Two months later, I opened up my own spa and promised to never work for anyone else again”. 

When getting familiarized with the different brands of hard waxes in particular, Amanda felt it to be immensely difficult finding a brand that met all of her expectations. She wanted to use a brand that would be not only be reliable, but also provided various options of high quality waxes at great prices. Her quest to find the perfect wax came to an end after noticing the wax a friend of hers was using.

“I like my wax elastic, easy to pull, and durable. My friend owns a spa in Buffalo, and I absolutely loved the wax that she used. I asked her what brand it was, and BAM! Starpil was the one!” 

Amanda loves that she can count on Starpil to help her with anything she needs for her business. After opening up a wholesale account, she Amanda was contacted by Sol Milan, one of the Personal Account Managers at Starpil. Ever since then, Sol ensures that Amanda’s orders are always delivered on time and provides expert insight on products, promotions, and everything Starpil! Personal Account managers are assigned to every new wholesale account.

“Starpil waxes are amazing products because of their versatility in comparison to other wax companies. Their customer service is also amazing! Shout outs to my girl Sol for always hooking it up!”

Amanda’s favorite Starpil product is the Blue film wax beads because of its flexibility and ability to be used for various types of sessions. Blue film is our best-selling formula and is suitable for all skin types. Amanda also frequently uses our Pink film wax, which is a creamier composition that specializes in waxing smaller areas of the body such as eyebrows, face, and underarms.

“Blue film is AMAZING! I love the way the wax is applied, and the way it dries so quick. It’s just so ideal for any esthetician that waxes frequently. I also love to look at pink film and blue film mixed together because It is looks gorgeous!”

Amanda’s love for waxing is unlike anyone else’s. From seeing her client’s reactions when they love the results to helping wax rookies get through their first session, her passion for waxing oozes out of her! Amanda is living her dream and is loving every second of it.

Continuing to grow her business is a top priority for Amanda. In under two years, she has already grown a loyal clientele that loves her work, personality, and outstanding customer service. Her hard work dedication proves that if you believe in yourself and set goals, anything can be accomplished.

“I am the only one that works for Abdelnour Day Spa. I am young, only a year in the game, and not stopping!"








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