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Business Feature: The Waxing Room

Business Feature: The Waxing Room

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CherylAnn Gutierrez is a licensed cosmetologist, educator, wax specialist, and owner of “The Waxing Room”, a specialty waxing boutique located in Chicago, Illinois. Her experience and professionalism in the beauty industry now spans over two decades and her hard work and determination have allowed her to fulfill her dream of having her own business. The Waxing Room opened its doors in 2006 and sets the standard for artistic depilatory waxing in the city. It has been featured on Allure magazine for Best of the Best in Waxing, and again a year later for Best Eyebrow Wax in Chicago.

Gutierrez’s journey into the beauty world began at an early age when she played with her dolls by giving them all makeovers. In her teenage years, she polished her skills by practicing on her friends and for prom, she ensured all of her friends looked and felt beautiful. Her biggest motivation throughout the years was to make others feel happy and confident about the way they look.

“As a teenager I liked making people feel beautiful, so I became cosmetologist. I've worked in different aspects of the beauty industry and found that waxing was the most gratifying.”

After gradationing high school, Gutierrez earned her license in Cosmetology with encouragement and support from her grandmother. A few years later, she became an instructor and educator for various upscale salons in the Chicagoland area. In 1995, she started to compete in national events, including the Chicago Midwest Beauty Show, where she won the top prize several times over the course four years. That experience paved way for her to become an OPI educator, where she traveled to nationwide events and became a mentor for others in the beauty industry.

Gutierrez worked to recruit and educate professionals for nail salons in Chicago and raised the standard for nail technicians, which helped open up new chain stores throughout the city. During this time, she noticed that a salon that was dedicated exclusively to waxing was missing. Gutierrez’s inspiration for opening up The Waxing Room was to help raise the standard for waxing, the same way she did for nail technicians.

“I was working in nails where waxing was offered as an addition, but no one offered it as specialized service. I realized that when servicing nail clients, they would shy away from letting me do their waxing services and recognized the need for a specialty waxing salon”. 

Gutierrez recruits and trains all estheticians prior to their commencement at The Waxing Room, which is something that is not very common in the industry. Her salon is known for being a specialty waxing boutique, that excels in depilatory treatment. The Waxing room uses top quality hair removal products and only employs licensed professionals handpicked by Gutierrez herself.

Gutierrez integrated Starpil products to The Waxing Room earlier this year. Her favorite product is our Blue roll-on wax. It is a unique composition with soothing active ingredients, such as azulene. Blue roll-on wax is suitable for all skin types and full body waxing applications.

“Prior to using Starpil roll-on holders and cartridges, a full leg session would take up to an hour. The time has now been cut to less than half!” 

Even after more than two decades in the industry, Gutierrez’s work is far from over. You can find her at The Waxing Room as well as at industry leading events and panels. Her passion for all things skincare and beauty compels her to seek other opportunities for growth.

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