FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A Look At Eyebrows Style Trends 2019

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A Look At Eyebrows Style Trends 2019

Now that we are approaching the end of the year and another decade, I must say 2019 was full of inspirational beauty industry surprises. There were some very shocking eyebrow fashion trends that took the world by storm. A major applause is in order for all the truly creative and courageous brow visionaries, stylists, and designers that pushed all the brow boundaries. There was glitter, rhinestones, colorful makeup, weaving, shaving, washable glue and out of this world brow waxing techniques that seemed absolutely impossible, but it was done! Here are a few worthy eyebrows styles that definitely turned heads this year...


The Squiggle Brows - StarpilwaxThe Wave or The Squiggle Brows are a pop culture trend that has a lot of mixed reviews. While some beauty gurus are embracing it, others are offended by it. At first, it may look like it’s a poor Photoshop job but then you realize, in fact, the wiggle brow is intentional. Whether you like it or hate it, this wavy eyebrows style is trending all over the internet and numerous publications. The look can be achieved with washable glue and some contouring using your concealer - seems sketchy but you don’t actually need to wax, tweeze, or shave them brows to accomplish this eyebrow fashion trend.


The Metallic Brows - StarpilwaxThe Metallic Brows are the latest eyebrow trends that are very bold but also subtle at the same time. These mesmerizing eyebrows can be achieved by using a sparkly and shiny version of your brow fill like bronze or onyx. You may amp up your brow look completely by using a high-voltage gold, silver, or a rich jewel tone to fill in your arches. To define your eyebrows for a dramatic look that will make those brows pop we recommend having them waxed first with our Starsoft soft wax which is specially formulated for hypersensitive skin so it’s gentle for facial waxing. You’ll have perfect brows to shape with ease.


The Carved Brows - StarpilwaxThe Carved Brows are an avant-garde eyebrow fashion trend with an artsy and creative approach to arching your eyebrows. You use the negative space to outline your brows and apply harsh, straight lines of shadow centimeters away from your brow lines to achieve this look. Having extremely polished brows is imperative to mastering this eyebrows style trend so we suggest using our Pink film beads to wax those bad boys into tip-top shape as your brows have now become your canvas!


The Underbrows - StarpilwaxThe Underbrows are such an understated brow design - elegant, chic, and simple yet so easy to apply and remove. We first saw this look on the runway in Paris and now it’s hitting the festivals, red carpet events, and gracing the pages of countless magazines. In order to get the best eyebrow shape we highly recommend using our natural wax to achieve a neet arch so you can use that glitter to highlight your brows perfectly. It’s really all about precision more than anything and the kind of colorful glitter you want to apply under your brow to make a statement.

Big celebrity eyebrow specialist Kelly Baker, of Kelly Baker Brows, showed us how to have the perfect eyebrows on the Kardashians. Since then more than ever the public is showing interest in brows and all the fun ways you can get creative with them. Who doesn’t want to have Kylie Jenner eyebrows but with a twist? Liz Lugo, of Brows by Liz, gave us a glimpse into how brows should look and be kept and now we are going the distance.


Let’s see what 2020 has in store for us - the gates of CREATIVITY have been opened. Dare to unleash your wildest dreams - that wraps it up for eyebrow trends 2019.




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