How to Start A Spa Business – Brazilian Wax Tips

Every good esthetician knows that a successful waxing service requires professionalism, proper bedside manner, and confidence. Intimate waxing services require utmost concentration and attention to detail in order to prevent chaos.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian is a bikini wax service that removes all hair in the front and the back, typically leaving a small shape in the center of the pelvis if the client so desires.

Because intimate waxing is not always covered in depth at many esthetic schools, it is often up to you, the esthetician, to become knowledgeable in correctly performing this type of wax service. After obtaining the knowledge, estheticians then have to put it into practice until it becomes second nature. Remember that Brazilian waxing skills are not acquired overnight!  

Before coming in for an appointment, verify clients are aware of the following:

  • Exfoliating before is a must
  • Hair must be as long as a grain of rice
  • If menstruating, intimate waxing is not recommended
  • Avoid alcohol before your appointment
  • Loose fitted clothing is recommended for maximum comfort
  • Ibuprofen/acetaminophen an hour before the service may decrease pain

Curate Your Client’s Experience

Brazilian and bikini wax first-timers are already scared enough going into their appointment knowing they’re about to get their pubic hair ripped off by a stranger! Don’t contribute to their anxiety by not seeming prepared for the service. The most important thing when performing a Brazilian or bikini wax is to make the client feel as comfortable as possible and to develop trust.

Being organized, following procedure, and listening to your client is key to ensuring a Brazilian service goes smoothly. Proper hygiene and organization are crucial as cluttered and messy workspaces can invoke distrust in clients and cause anxiety. The more anxious a client is, the higher the chance that they will feel pain during their service. Before beginning, explain exactly how the process will go, so clients know what to expect and feel more at ease.

Allow clients a few minutes to undress and situate themselves before stepping into the waxing room. Have wet wipes available for them to use if they desire. These little things may seem minor but create a better overall experience for your clients. Once they are ready to begin, engage in conversation throughout the service in order to further build trust and relationship. The more relaxed clients feel, the more likely that they’ll be to schedule another appointment.

Educate your clients about what products you are using and how they work. During the service, guide clients step by step about what you are doing. This includes where you’ll be touching them and about any pressure or sensation they may feel when laying down the wax on their skin.

Talk about the Pre-Depilatory Gel, the type of waxes being used, and the benefits of using the Post Epil Oil and Post Emulsion after every wax service. Nothing conveys the feeling of trust during a waxing service like knowing you are in good hands with your esthetician. Be knowledgeable, friendly, and confident!

When finished waxing, use the Starpil Brazilian Waxing Mask to calm any irritation the client might experience. This will build value for your service and we promise your clients will thank you! This add-on service is a gentle moisturizing and desensitizing tissue mask containing active ingredients like chamomile and aloe vera extract, hamamelis water, lavender, and hyaluronic acid which soothes, softens, hydrates, and restores sensitized skin after intimate waxing

After the service, thank the client for their business and provide them with any post-wax care information they may need according to their skin type. Inform them that their hair should grow to about ¼ of an inch before their next service. Remind your client that after waxing, hair grows back thinner and weaker, at times making it difficult to break through the skin, thus, causing ingrown hairs. Emphasize the importance of exfoliating at least 2-3 times per week.

This is also a great time to recommend products to clients like the Starpil Hair Puller, an ingrown hair treatment serum spray that prevents ingrown hairs, blotchiness, and irritation. It is applied 24-hours after waxing so it’s a great product for clients to use at home.

Close the conversation by recommending a timeframe for them to return and ask them what date and time is best to schedule their next appointment.


Check out this video to learn more Brazilian & bikini wax tips!