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20 May, 20


Get out your camera or smartphone, and let's try to make some money with a few tips from Starpil Wax. If you're at home and wanting to feel a little more control over your current circumstances, creating online content might give you that little sumnt' sumnt' toward your business and income while out of (or back in) the salon. For estheticians, social media isn't just a popularity contest, but a possible way to keep your business fresh in the minds of clients while possibly drawing in new ones. But how do you make money from it? Here, we'll give you some content creation ideas to make money from home.



Social media is a whole business within itself. If you have a couple of hours a day to focus on creating digital content, you can raise your chances of seeing some return on your time investment, primarily if you use the following suggestions. 


Patreon is an online platform that offers your fans and followers monthly memberships to your exclusive content. It's like Netflix, but all of the "shows" are your videos, blogs, eBooks, and more. You can create teasers or free content on your Instagram or Facebook and then direct your people to more in-depth content on your Patreon account. Depending on which membership tier you opt-in for, Patreon takes a percentage of what you make, and payment processing fees. Despite this, the platform can still be a viable option to make money from home


Content Ideas for Your Clients and Colleagues 

There are so many ideas for creating content that's client or colleague focused. If you have something to teach someone and have some basic social media skills, you can create a community around your knowledge to make money from home


Spa Etiquette

Spa Etiquette

A quick and easy content idea is to discuss topics surrounding spa etiquette—no professional wax warmer required! It's all about you, a clickable title, and some interesting facts that will significantly benefit your followers. For example, you could talk about everything there is to know about tipping an esthetician. You can mention touchless tipping options like Tippy or Venmo (which, by the way, are great options for your supporters to contribute to you while you’re out of the salon). Explain the differences between tipping the owner of a salon, a spa employee, or an assistant. All of these topics can be helpful for both clients and estheticians. 


Your Tools and Products

Giving insight into the tools and products you use can widen your audience’s understanding of one of the biggest aspects of your business. For example, explaining why you use the wax that you do can help others understand more about how much knowledge, energy, and care you put into serving your clients. Your know-how allows you to showcase yourself as a trustworthy expert in your field, and can also be a quick and easy way to create content on your smartphone. For this one, a professional wax warmer may be required.


Starpil Large Wax Warmer

Get out everything that you work with and share why you use a large wax warmer versus a smaller one or vice versa. What about your wax? Why is the brand you use superior to another? You can even include personal testimonials, and if you specialize in a particular area of waxing, talk about why your specific wax is exceptional for that service. Check out our 'There is a Wax for That' page and find your favorite formulas!

 Blue Film hard wax

For example, if you're a Starpil Wax user (you know we are!), you might share how Starpil Blue Film Hard Wax is best for coarse hair, normal skin, and larger areas of the body, while Pink Film Hard Wax is for fine hair, normal to delicate skin, and most effective on smaller areas.

Starpil Pink Film Wax

Perhaps you specialize in brows and use the cleanest products on the market; you could mention that Starsoft Hard Wax is a hypoallergenic wax that is pine rosin and paraben-free. Dive into how it's made with skin-loving ingredients that have unique neurosensory properties that facilitate an overall, more pleasant waxing experience that's perfect for teens new to waxing or those with sensitive skin.

Starsoft Clear Hard Wax

Final Thoughts

From talking head videos and articles to in-depth how-tos and demonstrations, there is always something to teach and an audience looking for whatever you have to offer. The risk is low, and the potential earnings from content creation are limitless, so get that camera and start rolling because there are plenty of content creation ideas to use to make money from home.

 Large Professional Hard Wax BundleWhether you're just starting out, or have been in business for a while, get the ultimate waxing setup with a Large Professional Hard Wax Bundle that comes with a Starpil Large Wax Warmer and your choice of either Starsoft Hard Wax, Blue Film Hard Wax, or Pink Film Hard Wax. This kit gives guaranteed results that your clients will LOVE!