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Meet the Starpil Team: Part 1

Meet the Starpil Team: Part 1

 The Starpil Wax US team is a group of incredibly talented, motivated, passionate, and dedicated individuals from all around the world. Our goal is to create quality products, provide you with one-on-one assistance, and give you valuable information that will help you excel as a professional esthetician. 


Our growing team is here to accommodate your requests and keep you inspired, educated and stocked with premium hair removal products to grow your business. 


We want you to get to know us! 
Here are 7 members of the team we want to introduce to you first….

Saul & Jessica


“Hi, I'm Saul Ortiz, Chief Execute Officer for Starpil Wax Co. I've been an entrepreneur since grade school. I started Starpil from my dad's garage in 2007. I was a one-man band for over ten years and have more recently discovered the love for helping others grow their businesses.  I was born in Miami to Hispanic parents. A real game-changer for me was when I discovered the power of working with others and watching them grow.”



“Hi, I'm Jessica Goldman, Chief Operating Officer for Starpil Wax Co. I've been actively working with Starpil since 2018 however I've been supporting my husband, Saul, in every way possible since he started the company in 2007. My skill by trade is education, as I taught early childhood education for 6 years. I was born in Miami to a Colombian mom and Uruguayan dad. Something interesting about me is that while my husband was growing Starpil, we lived in Abu Dhabi and I taught English to preschoolers for three years.



“My name is Xiomara G. and I was born and raised in Miami, FL.; my background is Puerto Rican. I started working for Starpil as their Marketing Manager almost 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier to work with such a creative & dedicated group of people. I'm proud of what we stand for and look forward to the continued success of all the estheticians we support every day, here at Starpil.”



Hi! I’m Mariana and I would like to call myself the “Jester” of Starpil Wax. Why? Simply because I am a little goofy, spontaneous and bring plenty of excitement to the team. I love what I do and that is to bring you valuable information in the form of a BLOG! Yes, you guessed it, I work in the marketing department as a copywriter. I was created in Russia with LOVE,  seasoned in Los Angeles, and now I’m thriving in Miami - CHEERS!”



“Hi, I’m Ivette Gutierrez, Business Development for Starpil Wax Co. I’ve been with Starpil since October 2019 and am a licensed esthetician and trainer for 20 years. I help with brand awareness and education. I was born in Nicaragua but was raised in Miami.”



“Hi!, I´m Yamith, I make online shopping easier for you as I am a  web developer for Starpil Wax. I come from Bogotá, Colombia, and that is where I reside as I work remotely from home. I started my position in February of 2019 and look forward to many years more!”



“Hi there, my name is Lola and I am from Puerto Rico although Miami has been home for almost 5 years! A passion for all things beauty is my motto & I have 10 years of experience in the industry ranging from makeup, hair, and skin! I began my journey with Starpil Wax late 2019 in a very serendipitous way & I couldn't be happier! I am a Personal Account Manager with the company although I like to call it Wax specialist - sharing my knowledge, learning from others and building relationships with Esthies & Beauty enthusiasts all around through the love for wax and smooth skin.” 


Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. Stay tuned for next week’s staff spotlight so you can get to know the faces behind the brand that believes in you! Thank you for taking the time to know a little bit about us and how we contribute to your personal success and business growth.


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