Meet the Starpil Team: Part 2

17 Apr, 20

Welcome to the second part of the Starpil Bunch! For the next couple of Fridays, I will introduce the incredibly talented, motivated, passionate, and dedicated individuals who are the heart and soul of the Starpil brand. 

Starpil is a growing team that is here to guide you with valuable information, quality premium products, and access to one-on-one personal care. We want to build a relationship with and accommodate you as you grow in your level of success.

Last week we introduced Saul, Jessica, Xio, Mariana, Ivette, Yamith, and last but not least, Lola.  Today we are giving you an inside look into what motivates Cynthia, Jonathan, and Julian.


Cynthia Paredes - Starpil Wax

“Hi, My name is Cyn! My background is Dominican originally from New York, I have been working with the company for 5 months now and am so happy to be apart of this team! I'm one of the Account Manager's. I help clients in any way that I can, whether it's placing an order or answering questions. You'll also find me in the online chats to quickly assist.”


“Hello! My name Jonathan Lauria and I am the Graphic Designer here at Starpil. I am basically responsible for all of those banners and many assets that you may see on our website as well as Starpil’s social media. I have been in the world of digital art and visual communication for over a decade, anything that involves creativity turning into an experience and producing that with quality technique, I am all for it.

I was born in the USA and raised in Venezuela, I carry both citizenships with pride and love. The commitment that I have is this wonderful company that is Starpil Wax USA, which is to produce quality visuals with a deep connection with our personality and the promise to make esthetician’s life and businesses to keep thriving.”


"Hey, my name is Julian! I am from Bogota, Colombia and came to the United States when I was three years old. I loved growing up in South Florida so I went to Florida International University where I studied Digital Media Communications & Business. 
I have been working for Starpil for almost 2 years on the Marketing team. I help estheticians find the products that best suit their waxing style and technique. There is always something new happening on Starpil! Be sure to subscribe to our e-mail list and push notifications to be one of the first to find out."