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Meet the Starpil Team: Part 3

Meet the Starpil Team: Part 3

Hey Esthies! This is the third part of the Starpil Bunch, where we share a little bit about ourselves here at Starpil Wax USA. We want you to get to know us better and be able to put a face to the names behind the brand. It’s important for us to help you reach your desired level of success and look forward to building a relationship with you throughout your journey. So far you have met these incredible Starpil Team members in our previous posts….


Saul, Jessica, Xio, Mariana, Ivette, Yamith, Lola, Cynthia, Jonathan, Julian


Today we are featuring the final five amazing, passionate, dedicated, and motivated team members who make up the rest of the Starpil bunch. We hope that you were able to find your personal account manager and connect with the people that are here to help you succeed as a professional esthetician in the world of wax!


“Hi, y’all! My name is Yalisis, pronounced Ja-lee-seas. I do social media and community management here at our US office. I’ve been with Starpil for 2 years and 3 months and it’s been a beautiful, wild ride! I’ve been able to meet and connect with so many of you at trade shows, events, and social media. I’m truly grateful to work for a brand that levels with their community every single day. Personally, what motivates me is creating memories that I feel proud of and happy about in life, cooking new yummy recipes and feeding the people I love, and the beach! Thank you, Florida for spoiling me with more than enough sun, sand, and water.”



“Hi I’m Carlos, I work as photographer and Videomaker for Starpil Wax USA. I’ve been working with this amazing team since January 2020, I’m from Colombia and I’ve been taking pictures and filming for 16 years. What motivates me is God, my family, and skateboarding. God bless y’all!!”


"Hey guys, I go by Sheena and you may already know me because I am one of the Personal Account Managers for Starpil! I have been with Starpil since October of 2019 and feel great working for this company. I am a Miami girl who loves to sing and write my own music, dancing anywhere I get the chance, inspiring others while being inspired, and I love me some great conversation - so if you have any topics you'd like to discuss HMU, I would love to get to know you!"



“Hi, my name is Jeimy Bohorquez, from Colombian, I am passionate about creating and dreaming. I am 31 years old and I am a  Journalist, Content Creator, and Audiovisual Producer (photographer and videographer). I started in the world of audiovisual content at 19 years old and since then I have not stopped. I have worked almost all my life in the TV industry. I am passionate about creating, designing, capturing images, transmitting creative, amazing content…. I also love to travel the world. I have been a part of the Starpil family for over 1 year on the Marketing team. I am very happy to contribute all my knowledge and work experience to this beautiful company; a company that every day strives to help women grow and make their dreams come true!!”



“Hi! My name is Ana Ortiz I was born in Miami but raised in Caracas, I moved back approximately 2 years ago and have had the opportunity to work in business administration and operations. I started working at Starpil earlier this year as an executive assistant to Saul and it has been very fun and enriching. I love what this company stands for and that is very important in order to feel motivated every morning!”




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