New Esthie - Why Choose Starpil?

15 Jan, 20

Hey you! Yes, you!

The excited and eager recently licensed esthetician who is anxious to start their new career in the beauty industry. We believe that there is nothing that you can’t accomplish if you apply yourself! Along with your motivation, persistence, and thirst for knowledge, we will guide you to become a confident and professional esthetician.

Here are the top reasons why you should choose Starpil as your go-to waxing guide!

  • We offer high-quality hair removal products that deliver exceptional results while keeping your clients comfortable during their waxing experience.
  • When you place an order with us you will receive clear notifications, on-time delivery, quick turn-around, follow up and immediate resolution to any issues that arise. We have your back!
  • We know that you want to learn so we offer you helpful blogs, videos, and daily tips on our social accounts to keep you informed. Knowledge is power!
  • We strive to be an innovative wax brand by formulating new premium products that will help you improve your technique.
  • Our loyal customers love us and stand by us because we deliver on our promise to be a helpful brand by providing valuable products, informative tools, and superior service that will help you thrive.

Standard Professional Waxing Kit (Hard Wax)


We want you to be happy in your career and accomplish the most so start by purchasing a wax kit to begin your journey. Call 1 866-972-2999 or email to get in touch with an account manager who will set you up so you can start your waxing journey today!

Good luck!


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