New Year, New Business

30 Dec, 20

New Year, New Business


No matter what 2020 brought you or your waxing salon, there is no time like the present to put some new energy into your business. If you are someone who likes to keep their finger on the pulse of how they can improve, it’s always the right time to look at the current way you’re doing things and see where you can step-up your game. Whether you are a new esthie starting your first business or looking for waxing places to work at, a long-time esthie shifting into waxing, or a waxing pro needing to breathe new business energy into your wax salon, here are some pointers to taking your business to the next level for 2021 and beyond! 

In this article, we’ll share some excellent tips on how to start or enhance your waxing business. Here, we talk about how things you can do to add to your revenue. So, let’s bring in some new business vibes with a fresh new perspective on how we do what we do—waxing like a boss!


It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a new business or reinvigorating an existing one, setting goals is more than a fly-by-night-New Year’s resolution, but a time to sit down and create a road map to actionable success! People talk a lot about goal setting but can easily overlook the easiest way to do it—break everything down into smaller steps and tackle each task one by one. If your one-year goal is to have your business up and running or increase your salon bookings by 10 clients a week, we recommend starting with the end in mind and working backward to see everything you need to do to get there. Break big steps down into smaller steps and then break them down even further so that you have smaller, more manageable tasks that you can work on a little each day. 

Think of achieving your business goals like fitness or educational goals; you’ve got to set aside some time every day to perform them, and you might need to see a coach or professional to work on the areas that you can’t seem to do on your own. This can also mean reaching out to graphic designers, accountants, or photographers to help you solidify your vision. You can also share your goals with someone you trust who can keep you accountable for each task. There will always be something to do toward working on your business, so mastering setting goals can be the key to your continual glow up.


Even though some of us have opened back up, we’ve also had to shut back down again. With uncertainty still looming heavy, working on your business’s virtual side can be vital to keeping your income and client relationships moving forward. We recommend putting some focus on one or both of the following two things.

  1. Offering Virtual Consultations
  2. Opening Up an Online Store

Virtual Consultations

As the year passed, you might have noticed more and more clients hitting you up for ‘how to do” information. Even if you don’t go full-throttle on your waxing salon business’s consultation aspect, at least offer them and let people know via your social media and on your website. You can offer 15-minute, first-time wax consultations so that your clients can be ready to walk right in when you finally open again or offer in-depth brow or skincare assessments with product recommendations that the client can purchase through your website. 

Virtual consultations can make a regular appearance on your calendars and be an extra oomph to keep things fresh in 2021. 


Opening Up an Online Store

In a recent blog post, we shared a lot of information on building the best website for your waxing salon. If your website needs some fine-tuning, now is the perfect time to do so, and if you don’t have an online store attached to it, this should be at the top of your “new business” list. You don’t need a lockdown to show you the importance of having an online store; large retailers are ahead of the game, and many of your clients use them over the products you offer in your salon, so take back the sale and boost your online business. Here are other things having an online store can do for your business in 2021 in addition to your retail space:


It can:

  • Provide convenience for your clients.
  • Garner client loyalty by carrying the products they love from a trusted source.
  • Take sales back from big online retailers and keeps the credibility of the professional products you recommend.
  • Help clients who already shop online buy through you instead.
  • Help customers shop local.
  • Sell retail during times when you are closed.
  • Increase your salon’s bottom line.


Either in your waxing salon or online, carrying products that are inspiring to use and sell and enhance the overall client experience can increase their purchase power. How you secure your retail, on the other hand, can often be a drain on your time, energy, and resources. This year, review how you supply your retail and see what kinds of changes you can make to save you more money, time, and resources as well as how you can increase your bottom line. Consider the following things when reviewing the wax products you carry. 

  • For new salon owners needing product, do market research on which products would best suit the clients you’re serving and services you’re offering. For existing owners, ask yourself which products are killing it, and which have been collecting dust since before the closures.
  • Be honest about the results you’re getting from the wax products you’re using, could you afford to try out other brands? This includes your pre and post-wax care.
  • Ask yourself how you can maximize your efforts and gain more from your products’ customer service reps. Many brands (Starpil being one) have specialty pricing even lower than wholesale.
  • Compare the differences and benefits between brands like Starpil Wax and other brands.  



What have been your pain points in your professional life or personal life that affects your professional life? Do you feel like you could use more sales training or more resources on motivating your staff to sell? Are there services you’d like to add to your menu but have no clue as to how to get started? Are you shy or timid when it comes to correcting staff or setting boundaries with clients? If you’re able to take online training or classes in the areas that you feel you need work in to bring in new business energy into your life, DO IT!

Even if you can’t invest in a full-on sales-training program or microblading class at the moment, set some time aside to work on what you can with free resources online. There are significant personal and professional development YouTube videos, free audio and eBooks, podcasts, and blogs out there to utilize. Any of these can make a big impact on your business and life until you can afford to move on to paid professional development programs. Any one of these resources can make a massive difference in how you do business. Here are some great names and content to research on YouTube in professional and personal development areas.

Check these out...

Grant Cardone

Tony Robbins

Jim Rohn

Thought Catalog

Marie Forleo

SUCCESS Magazine

Christy Wright

Jon Gordon

Lolly Daskin

Just to name a few.



There are so many ways to create new business and that new-new mindset when approaching your wax salon business for 2021, and we are right there with you. We are also breathing new life into the way we do business for 2021, so we have an idea of where you’re at! That’s why we’ll keep creating business-focused blogs like this and will be launching a new way for you to save on products (a new Starpil Pro program, anyone?) We’ve also got new product launches in the works and have so many other surprises up our sleeves. So, together let’s make it a good one and from all of us at Starpil Wax, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support throughout 2020!

Let us know how you plan to invigorate your business for 2021 in the comments, and join the conversation by staying connected with your #StarpilFam! 

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