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Painless Waxing Is an Art: Learn The Tricks to Defeat Pain While Home-Waxing

Painless Waxing Is an Art: Learn The Tricks to Defeat Pain While Home-Waxing

Painless Waxing Is an Art: Learn The Tricks to Defeat Pain While Home-Waxing

Being among the top wax manufacturers in the world, we understand the science of waxing better than the rest. Although the process is excruciating for some, you can use a few tricks that help us have a pain free experience. If you are one of those women who likes to take the matter into your own hands with a home waxing kit, or even if you wax at a salon, follow these tips to eliminate the pain:

  1. Brazilian Lovers, Surrender To Yoga

The Brazilian wax is infamous for the pain that it inflicts- largely the reason why ladies avoid it. However, if you really want to experience the smoothness of a Brazilian wax without going through the pain of twisting and moving when finished, try doing yoga for a few days before the waxing date. The more flexible you are, the more quickly you will recover. Less time, less pain!


  1. Use Eyeliner to Line Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a risky territory to step into, especially if you are home-waxing. The feeling of ripping off an eyebrow more than you intended is like no other! Here is what you can do: Use an eyeliner to line the territory of your eyebrow and then apply the wax making sure you don’t cross the line. Also, for a painless experience, apply waxing gel before and after performing the task to rep and relieve the skin!


  1. Prefer Smaller Sections and Mind the Direction

If you are a novice at waxing on your own, don’t just dive into it. Instead of applying wax in large areas, go for smaller sections. Doing otherwise could overwhelm you, and  you’ll never use what you melted in your wax machine! Also, make sure you apply wax in the direction of your hair growth and peel in the opposite direction.


  1. Use A Numbing Cream for Sensitive Areas

Waxing can be tormenting, especially for sensitive parts such as the underarms and bikini. Even if you can tolerate the pain that waxing brings, we still recommend you try applying numbing cream on sensitive areas before waxing to avoid feeling a thing.


  1. Go for Hard Wax to Ditch The Pain Of Soft Wax Strips

Using soft wax requires strips which naturally increase the pain. Preferring hard wax over soft wax could help you ditch the pain that the strips induce. There are many options available in our selection of body waxing kits which offer pre and post waxing solutions as well! It is necessary to use different wax kits specific to the use it is intended for. Waxing your face with regular wax could make your skin coarse. Order a face waxing kit if removing facial hair!


  1. Make Sure Your Hair is Not Too Short or Not Too Long

Apart from chemicals and painkillers, there are the essential tips that every person confronting a wax can abide by without additional aid. The hair length should be matters for painless waxing! Let your hair grow at least to a quarter of an inch before you go for waxing, but not longer than 3 quarters. Trim if necessary.


These tips are crucial for painless waxing-truly is a dream come true for every woman. You also need to make sure that you stop shaving for at least 3 weeks before you wax. We offer a wide variety of waxing options to rely on for painless waxing, especially our fan favorite blue hard wax.





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