“Hot melting wax in all different colors

Bright silver wax pots to go with my warmers
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things”


Don’t you get excited when you receive a Starpil package that’s filled with all types of goodies? We know you do because we love to get inventory too!

Well, behind every package containing wax, warmer, accessories or kits is a dedicated force of unstoppable talent that makes your order possible. All of the products that you purchase are brought to you by our innovative marketing team, processed through our efficient account managers, and tackled by our thorough shipping department. We work hard so you can have nice things...

Your Personal Account Manager, or PAM, makes sure that you are fully stocked year-round. This holiday season, let’s ask them what their favorite Starpil product is and why!



“I am of Indian descent and the struggle is real when it comes to facial hair! The Pink wax is my favorite as it works on my course and fine hairs, really gives a clean finish with no irritation and it does not hurt!”}


“I love our Starsoft wax because it’s free of perfumes and makes my skin feel soft after waxing!!!”


“My Starpil fave is currently the Blue film hard wax. It leaves my skin silky smooth and is pretty painless.”


“My favorite Starpil product is the post epil oil. I waxed myself and immediately got a histamine reaction, within 5 minutes after applying the post epil oil, there was literally no sign of irritation to my skin. YYYYAAASSSS.”


“My favorite wax is Natural Honey soft wax. Being a Brow Specialist for 20 years I find it to be a time saver. It leaves the skin soft and hydrated, pulls out small thick hairs as well as baby fuzz. This allows less tweezing and quicker but efficient services. With the consistency of this wax, a little goes a long way. It can be spread thin for precise crisp lines for the eyebrow area.”


“My favorite Starpil product has to be the Coral Wax (heart) I love the glitter and how quickly it sets!”


“I really enjoy Starpil Wax's Pre & Post treatments!! My clients and myself love the calming and soothing effect before and after services that leave the skin feeling brand new!”

MORIAH (Operations Manager)

“My favorite Starpil product is the Starpil post-oil which works amazingly well with removing excess wax + it
has a lovely calming scent.”

CHELSEA (Customer Service Manager)

“My favorite Starpil product is the Pink Film-it's a perfect hybrid in-between a creme and gel wax, I absolutely love the consistency AND elasticity.”

Everyone has their favorite Starpil product, tell us what’s yours in the comments below and we might just feature you in an upcoming blog!

I’ll leave you with this…

“When the package is late
When the weather’s not great
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad”


Happy Holidays.



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