PINKtober Pushing Cancer Over!

Join Starpil Wax in the fight for breast cancer awareness!

This month we are excited to announce that we will be taking part in a major global movement that is saving lives. Starpil Wax US is joining the fight against breast cancer which is the second most common cause of death in the US. 

But before we dive into how we are getting involved and how you can help let’s start at the beginning with a little breast cancer background, history, and how the movement came about. 

First of all, what is breast cancer? Well, it’s an uncontrollable growth of cells that occurs as a result of mutations, or abnormal changes, in the genes responsible for the regulation and regeneration of healthy cells. So, the changed cell gains the ability to keep dividing without control or order, producing more cells just like it and forming a malignant tumor that becomes breast cancer.  This genetic abnormality is the source of the whole issue that we are battling. 

Now, BCAM is a worldwide annual campaign that began in 1990 by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. If you go back even further, the ribbon has been the universal symbol of awareness and support since 1979 when Penney Laingen used it for the first time publicly as a silent voice of support. With worldwide support, there are major breast cancer charities raising funds for breast cancer research, cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure.

Here are some facts that may not know about breast cancer:

  • Every 30 seconds a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • This year, an estimated 268,600 women will be diagnosed with invasive cancer. 
  • One in eight women is affected by this disease. 
  • There is a 12% chance that a woman in the US will develop breast cancer sometime in her life.
  • Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.
  • The chance that a woman will die from breast cancer is about 1 in 38.

Those are some shocking statistics! This is exactly why Starpil Wax is participating in this ongoing campaign - we want to put an end to breast cancer by funding innovative research, education, and medical services. 

How are we helping the cause? In the month of October, we are giving back by donating a percentage of our online pink product orders to a nonprofit organization driven to finding a cure. That’s right, Starpil Wax will be giving a portion of our pink sales to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.

We are feeling the passion, the determination, the devotion towards a powerful cause so we’re giving 15% off your online purchases of our top-selling Pink Film hard wax beads & Pink hard wax tablets. With your pink purchase, you are giving a donation so that is where you become involved. Together we will all take part in helping fight a deadly disease that doesn't have a face, a race, or a religion. It can affect anyone, at any time, without any warning. 

Besides donating here are other ways you can raise awareness:

  • Spread the word about mammograms - regular checkups can detect early signs of breast cancer.
  • Encouraging communities, organizations, families, and individuals to participate in local BCAM activities to raise funds for nonprofit organizations. 
  • Post on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram about BCAM.
  • Donate to organizations that focus on finding a cure for this disease and support those who have been affected. 

It’s truly fascinating how this movement came about and if you want to read up on the full history about breast cancer or to get more breast cancer information go to to for all your answers. 

We all need to stay strong and stick together to give those who are affected by this disease the strength to survive. 

Stand united with Starpil Wax and THINK PINK!