Rise & Shine VS Wake & Wax

25 Oct, 19

Rise & Shine VS Wake & Wax

Alright, the jig is up! Everyone is talking about the Kylie Jenner “Rise & Shine” song clip from her new YouTube office tour video and we are outraged. It’s insane how much the Kardashian family is publicized for every little thing that they do and once again they went viral.

It all started October 10th and the media has not shown signs of slowing down with parody postings of the silly super staged moment which captivated everyone with Kylie’s motherhood skills/singing ability. You heard right, her singing, “Riiiiise and Shiiiinneee” to her daughter Stormi sparked a BILLION views on #riseandshine related content in less than a week- INSANE!

Truth be told we couldn’t believe our eyes but we did get inspired and decided that we wanted to do our own little spin on the trending topic. The thing is since we live in the world of wax we don’t RISE and SHINE, we WAKE and WAX! Without further ado, cue Yali…



BOOM! Take that. New merch coming soon - JUST KIDDING! But actually, would you buy our “Wake & Wax” limited edition hoodies for $65? That’s how much the “Rise & Shine” Kylie Jenner hoodies are selling for on her online store and they were sold out within hours. They come in two colors, black or white and have a super easy design. We like our version better, thoughts?


Way to take full advantage of an easy branding opportunity, then again, she has a solid team all wearing Kylie Jenner hoodies who mean business. #wellplayed

Even celebs like Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Lizzo made their own “rise and shine” videos - it’s contagious.

In case you haven’t got a clue what I am referring to, here’s the 17 minutes video followed by a TikTok completion of memes mocking the 22-year-old beauty mogul, all in good fun.

#riseandshine #kyliejenner

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