The COVID-19 Client Conversation

29 Apr, 20

It’s looking like salon doors are going to be opening sooner than expected which is GREAT news for everyone! Once again you’ll be providing beauty & skin services to your clients who count on you for their pampering needs. Feel a sense of relief that you’ll be making a profit soon and during quarantine, you got yourself organized - so you’re prepared!

Yes we are open - Starpil

Now that you know there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow it’s important to reassure your loyal clients that you are taking the necessary sanitation and health measures while providing all your salon services. When you reach out to your clients to book their services, advise them that new safety protocols are implemented and what they should expect. 


Prior to their appointment, let them know that these are the new operating procedures.

  • Greetings will be verbal without involving touching and hand washing will be required before and after the appointment.
  • The check-in process will be contactless with text/call confirmations for you to limit persons in the service room; it should only be you and your client.
  • Limited appointments throughout the day will ensure enough time for in-between full workspace sanitization, as well as minimize client interactions. 
  • Clients are to arrive at their appointment wearing a face mask and gloves - if you have the resources to acquire disposable face masks or gloves to offer your clients let them know.
  • Offer your clients the option of touchless or mobile payment services, such as Apple Pay, Venmo, CashApp, or Paypal for their appointments.

Sanitation when waxing

Do you have all the necessary items you need before you open your salon? 

Save this check-list and check it twice!


We recommend that you take the three-part Infection Prevention & Control Course and have the certificate displayed in a visible area.


Implementing necessary measures to ensure your safety, your staff safety, and your client’s safety is the number one priority when you reopen your salon. 



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