WAX: The Hard Truth

WAX: The Hard Truth

We live in an era where new brands pop up every month. It’s inevitable that when a brand has quality products, others want to emulate their effectiveness. These copycats attempt to recreate high-end products at low-costs which may result in low-grade goods. An unknowing consumer thinks they are getting a great deal when in fact they are being deceived.

They Say If It’s Too Good to Be True, It Usually Is...

In the world of wax, there are also deceitful wax imitations that are not up to quality standards. Some wax out there is being produced in less than desirable conditions. They label and package their products to look EXACTLY like the tablets and beads you want, BUT who knows what ingredients are being used.  Some labels might be faulty! In the production process of these second-rate waxes, some brands may be using low-quality ingredients. Anything can go wrong, so don't risk the repercussions.

Buying from a Wax Brand Without Quality Standards May Put Your Clients & Career At Risk!

You think you’re getting a stellar deal but you don’t really know what you’re getting. Its classifications are uncertain therefore the results are unreliable. We know that some of you might look at the checkout cart and think - "Why is this so expensive?" You can't put a price on your client’s skin results! You are paying for a quality product that assures you quality results.

Cheaper Isn't Always Better.

It’s in your best interest to buy directly from a brand you trust because you know that you will get the product that’s advertised and not a knock-off. You have worked really hard to become an esthetician so don’t jeopardize your career by purchasing cheap products that might surprise you with scary results.

Stick to a brand that believes in you and will give you exceptional waxing results every time!

Keep your clients coming back! Don’t be swayed by cheap imitations.

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