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The New Normal & Getting Your Clients Back on Track

The New Normal & Getting Your Clients Back on Track

Starpil Wax: The New Normal and getting customers back on track

Your wax salon is client-ready for the new normal, and you're more excited than ever to plug in your professional wax warmer. You've stocked up on hard wax, soft wax, your wax strips are waiting in the wings, and you're living to turn the keys and open your doors. You're equipped to see your clients again, but before you open those doors, let's consider if your clients are equipped to see you. We at Starpil Wax know the importance of operating safely in the midst of COVID-19, we want to help you and your clients prepare for the new normal and help you get your clients back on their waxing and skincare game with you.

If they've been relying on their own quarantine hair removal solutions such as DIY waxing or shaving, getting them back on track might mean re-setting their wax cycles or replenishing their post-wax care lotions. Together, we'll navigate the new normal and help get your clients back on track.

What exactly is "the new normal," and how to get your wax salon or spa client-ready? Read "Beauty Industry: The New Normal" for a complete checklist.

Starpil Pro Tip: Take the free BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Certification Course if you haven’t done so to earn a portfolio-ready certification showing your commitment to salons and spas.

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Changes Your Clients Might Expect with the New Normal

Many spas and salons have already opened, and things are definitely looking different. Before their clients even stepped back into the wax salon, they have already done and received the following:3

  • Filled out and signed an updated intake form with questions regarding COVID-19 exposure and included information about their most recent medications, supplements, and skincare routines.
  • They've received all information regarding online appointment setting, updated pricing, and contactless payment options. They have been made aware of restricted walk-in policies, what protective wear and behavior they will be required to utilize during their appointment.
  • Their clients have agreed to all procedures pertaining to them regarding their practitioner's updated operating procedures in the wake of COVID-19.

Read all about Cara Edwards journey to reopening her wax salon after quarantine: "From the End to a New Beginning"

Some of the Changes Your Clients Should Expect

Based on what other freshly re-opened salons have done and numerous state guidelines, your clients should be advised on the following changes within your salon or spa.

  • The "front desk" will now be digital-only. Online bookings and digital messaging are the safest forms of communication as is online payment.
  • Clients should wear personal protective face masks when visiting the salon. Let them know that your staff will do the same and if you have face masks available for purchase or otherwise upon their arrival.
  • Clients must wait in their car until notified and checked you in digitally.
  • Clients should arrive solo—no friends or family should be allowed to wait in the salon for them unless they are the parents of minors.
  • If two friends or family members have scheduled services simultaneously, they will be required to wait outside the salon if one finishes before the other.
  • Inform clients that they will be required to wash their hands upon entering the salon.
  • Clients should know that their temperature will be taken by a staff member to check for fever upon arrival. If your client is showing any signs of illness, they should be made aware that they will be required to reschedule their appointment.
  • It should be advised that fewer bookings and practitioners will be allowed per day. There will be a longer turnover between clients to take proper sanitation measures. Clients should book their next appointments well in advance to avoid wait times. Let them know about potential waitlist options.
  • Advise clients that testers will no longer be available in the salon's retail section to limit potential cross-contamination.
  • Suggest that clients book virtual consultations before their welcome-back service to help them better prepare for their appointment with you. Click the link below: Top tips for offering the best virtual beauty consultations

Getting Your Clients Back on Track

You've had some of your clients so long that they may have forgotten all of the waxing or skincare wisdom you've bestowed on them. Post-stay-home, your most dedicated clients may have retreated to some old habits like shaving or have tried to master hard wax on their own. Remember to be kind and consider that some clients might need a refresher "course" on the importance of getting back on their body wax cycle. Getting your clients back into the swing of things can also reboot their trust in your professional treatment advice and can re-acclimate them with post-wax care and how to use their post-wax care products.

All of your new or long-time clients' treatments should be likened to those getting a body wax for the first time. Find out the following:

  • Which methods have they been using?
  • Where have they been removing hair?
  • How often are they practicing hair removal?
  • How have they implemented their methods, i.e., which directions are they pulling, or shaving?
  • Check out their work and advise from there.

The important thing is that now that they're in your hands, you can decide what hair removal solution will work best for them. That's why we recommend doing a skin consultation/evaluation. That way you can decide if you should use hard wax, soft wax, or our patented roll-on wax.

Starpil roll-on wax

Again, remember to be kind if they've made a mess of themselves and gently guide them out of the dark side, Obi-Wan. Let your clients know that it may take three appointments before all of their hair in a given area is on the same wavelength and can receive the most beneficial treatment. Encourage them to book those appointments ASAP to keep them accountable to their own growth (and so that they're not stuck on the waitlist and tempted to go back to their quarantine methods).

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Don't make your client feel like they have blow smoke regarding what they'll commit to doing to get back on their body wax schedule—level with them about what's possible given their lifestyle. If you want to give them a little wiggle room, offer them some alternative suggestions so that they're not wholly sabotaging themselves or the costs of their appointments.

Such as:

    • Your Brazilian wax client can remove the visible hair from their bikini line if an impromptu bathing suit opportunity should arise. Remind clients to exfoliate and be kind to their skin.
    • Don't forget about hair bleach.
    • Recommend products that slow hair growth like the Starpil Ingrown Hair Serum.

Appointment Accountability

Remember that a client's wax routine is as much your responsibility as theirs. The results, expert service, and aftercare education you provide can make the difference between a client dedicated to you or returning to their razor. You can also offer appointment incentives including a loyalty program (sixth wax free!) or discounts on post-wax care lotions like Starpil Wax Hair Puller to limit ingrown hairs upon re-booking or pre-paying for wax packages.

Now, more than ever is a time to be kind and patient with your clients and yourself. Make your clients' first wax appointments back a pleasant, results-driven experience even with the new normal and help them get back on track!

Post-Safe-At-Home Recommendations

Lotions -

No matter if you're using hard wax in your professional wax warmer or soft wax and wax strips, your clients deserve the best pre and post wax care. Starpil Wax offers a full-service Pre and Post Wax Care Bundle to keep all your client's skin types protected and healthy!


Before you go, check out this quick video that highlights the benefits of our patented roll-on wax system that's easy to use and ultra-hygienic. Roll-on wax may be one of the most imitated waxing products on the market, but no other wax brand does roll-on wax like Starpil!


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