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The Wax Room

The Wax Room

Instagram: @thewaxroomaz

Mckenze Trachuk is a woman of multiple talents! She is a licensed esthetician, dance teacher, and recently became a business owner when she opened up her own waxing business, The Wax Room. Located in Surprise, Arizona, The Wax Room opened its doors on March 1, 2019, and has become a hotspot for locals and visitors alike looking to get an amazing waxing service!

Growing up, Mckenze’s sport of choice was dance and performed competitively since she was 6 years old. She wore stage makeup while performing and fell in love with different types of makeup. Some of her most memorable moments from dance include being part of the Arizona Rattlers dance team for two seasons and with them, performing at the 2015 Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime show and on The Ellen Show!

Mckenze began developing an interest in not just makeup, but also skincare and set her mind on becoming a licensed esthetician. When she enrolled in esthetics school at Penrose Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona, she originally wanted to pursue a career as a makeup artist.

“You don't need an esthetics license to be a makeup artist, but I knew I wanted to learn more about skin and that was the way to do it. While in my program, I was introduced to waxing. It clicked right away that I wanted to wax!”

“I love that waxing is fast-paced and constantly moving. Since I’ve always been dancing, I can't sit still, so waxing was perfect for me! My perfectionist side is still able to do its thing while keeping things moving quickly.”

After finishing school, Mckenze got hired at European Wax Center (EWC). She worked there for two and a half years, up until a month before opening her shop. She had been seriously considering leaving EWC for about 6-8 months prior to opening her own place and finally decided it was the best choice for her career.

“My husband and I (newlyweds) bought a house in October 2018 and began living the homeowner’s life. It just so happened that my sister’s lease was up where she was living and we had 3 extra bedrooms, so she moved in with us, along with her fiancé and my 2-year-old nephew. Having them living with us was a huge help towards the mortgage and other bills, so I knew that it was now or never that I had to start my own business.”

Mckenze knew that she needed about a year to build a solid and consistent clientele and doing so while her sister lived with her was perfect timing.

“I am all about timing and the right moment to do something. You have to feel it and go with it, I didn't know I wanted to open my own business until one day I did. I decided early on that I didn't want to be the person that just talked the talk, I wanted to be the person that actually worked towards the thing they always talked about doing and make it happen.”

The journey to starting her own business began after her wedding and honeymoon in April 2018. Since there was no more wedding or honeymoon to pay for, Mckenze started investing in equipment and products to do facials at home. She began doing facials at home by word of mouth through friends and family while still working at EWC. This helped build a small clientele base and was a good start.

Mckenze discovered Starpil on social media and added the Professional Wax Warmer and Starsoft hard wax to her waxing repertoire.

“Big thanks to @browsby_liz for posting so many amazing things about this wax! I’ve been following her for about 2 years now maybe longer. I knew she had come from EWC as well and seeing her technique and trust in Starpil’s wax made it an easy decision for me to use them. I made my first couple of orders through the website without a Personal Account Manager (PAM) and after more research and watching the Instagram Lives, I knew I needed to get a PAM.”

After spending a couple of months practicing with the wax, Mckenze made it a special addition to her facial services! She knew that she wanted her business to be mostly for waxing as she had been strictly doing for the last 3 years. She also knew that adding more services to her menu when opening my business would ultimately provide more opportunities to make money just starting out. 

“My account manager is Chelsea and she has been such a huge help and makes it SO easy to order my wax now! My business is growing quickly, and she is helping me figure out a routine for ordering wax, so I never run out.” 

After opening “The Wax Room”, Mckenze realized that her fear of risking a steady income to open her own business was all mental.

“I knew I could do it, I knew I had the skills, I knew I was going to make money. I didn't have a choice; that is what needed to happen. The things that held me back and I think holds a lot of people back are constantly thinking "How do I do this? Where do I start? I have no idea what to do" I literally googled everything!”

“I am lucky enough to have one friend who is in the hair industry and has owned her own business for 4 years and was able to ask her 500 questions. The thing is, people do this all the time and if they can do it, you can too. That is how I built my confidence up when it came to the business side of things and I still remind myself that.”

“The hard work is always worth it, and I love that Starpil is so encouraging of their estheticians and putting out positive vibes on their Instagram. I love that they showcase esthies in the business and allow a platform of networking to help others in the field whether it be business, wax techniques or product knowledge.”

                                                                                          - Mckenze Trachuk


Mckenze On Winning The 1st Round of Waxing with The Stars

When Starpil's Waxing with the Stars competition was first announced, to be honest, I had a few thoughts... "that’s awesome but way too much work." "I have too much going on right now to be making and editing videos." "I don't even know how to edit videos. “I was in the middle of setting up my business and transitioning from EWC into my own place and I just didn't think I could find the time. As I saw more and more posts about this competition and things started to settle with my transition, I decided to go for it!

As a new business owner with a $1,000 prize opportunity I HAD to give it a try! I had nothing to lose but everything to win! I even YouTubed how to edit videos by the way.  I sent my nomination video and began planning out the content. I reached out to family and friends to be models and they were very supportive. The experience was amazing, it taught me that I can go outside my comfort zone, re myself and survive, even if I think I sound silly. 

I am SO excited for the next round of the competition as I get to face off with 5 other estheticians, for a trip to SPAIN and compete in their national waxing competition. Just being a part of the first round of this competition was an amazing opportunity, just connecting and seeing what other waxers are doing was awesome. I am beyond excited for this next round to compete for an even bigger opportunity! Thank you so much to Starpil for being incredibly supportive of their estheticians in the business field! 

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