Sale: Top Five Wax Faves

11 Mar, 20

SALE: Top Five Faves - Starpil Wax

LUCKY YOU! We are currently running a limited-time offer on all our best selling polymer blends. Now is your chance to get your hands on the top-selling Starpil favorites at a great deal.


Choose the quality polymer wax for your specific hair removal needs and get it today!

Pink Film Hard Wax

Our Pink Film formula has great flexibility and leaves the skin looking beautiful and radiant. It is ideal for waxing smaller areas such as facial, intimate, and underarm areas due to its ability to pick up even the finest hairs. Pink Film tends to dry a bit slower than Blue Film allowing you the time to lay multiple strips at a time. This is an esthetician favorite as the creamy texture of the wax can be applied using very thin strips saving you time and money. Pink film is also the ideal choice when waxing areas that have been recently waxed as it specializes in removing the remaining fine hairs while exfoliating the skin.

Blue Film Hard Wax

Our Blue Film formula has the precise amount of polymer that allows for multiple strip applications if needed and doesn’t crack or break easily upon removal. Blue Film is specifically formulated for waxing larger areas of the body such as the back, arms, and legs. It is ideal for removing thick and coarse hairs by pulling the hair follicle at the root. Estheticians rave about how easy Blue film wax is to work with as you use fewer strips than they do with other waxes. Blue Film dries a bit quicker than Pink Film, which facilitates speed waxing.

Starsoft Clear Hard Wax

Our luxurious hypoallergenic Starsoft Hard Wax Tablets is our most innovative formula that’s 100% free of rosins, parabens, colorants, and fragrances. In short, it’s the perfect wax for your clients who have super sensitive skin. This wax raises the discomfort threshold and produces an immediate re-surfacing effect. It also reduces the probability of skin reactions due to its gentle ingredients. Starsoft Hard Wax removes even the stubby hair at the root without damaging the skin. This unique quality wax possesses outstanding recovery, repair, and moisturizing properties and it’s suitable for all-over use.

Coral Hard Wax

Our Coral Wax is a hard wax with a soft wax touch that resembles sugaring but with higher effectiveness. This gentle formula makes it suitable for all skin types, including hypersensitive types. The coral powder in this wax helps unify and improve skin tone while boosting the skin’s luminosity. It’s bergamot and satsuma fragrance instills a sense of well being and comfort. Coral Wax is a low-temperature melting point wax, making its application temperature flexible and comfortable for your clients. It comes in both tablet and micro-beaded forms, so you decide what works best for you. The micro-beads have a more rapid melting time but the tablets may be better if you have a large wax warmer and keep your pot on for most of the workday.

Black Film Hard Wax

Our new Black Film is a hybrid wax that is so effective that it picks up vellus hairs at once due to its dynamic formula. It’s extremely elastic, creamy yet crystalline, and applies smoothly on the skin with ease. This incredible stripless hard wax is suitable for full body waxing and ideal for all hair and skin types. It is specifically formulated for multiple strip applications, precision waxing, and even suitable on sensitive skin. With a low melting point, it grips hair firmly at the root to facilitate quick hair removal while exfoliating and delaying future hair growth.

Our quality premium ethically sourced polymer wax was created for you to have successful waxing sessions every time. Pair our highly effective hard wax with our reliable wax warmers for the ultimate waxing experience! Take advantage of our sitewide sale and stock up on wax, warmers, and accessories while supplies last.