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Waxing And Workout Sessions Need Time Balancing - Here’s Why!

The benefits of waxing are catching on with women and those who once preferred alternative hair removal ways, are now happily making the change! The main reason for this is that the hair-less state achieved using body waxing kits stays for a much longer time period compared to other methods.

Though like everything else, waxing has its negatives! One of them is the sweat that covers up the skin immediately after the process ends. Regardless of whether you use roll on, soft wax, or hard wax, the moisturizing element from waxing dominates making us feel more sweaty than usual for at least the initial 24 hours.

Normally, this sweat wouldn’t bother us, but more and more women are following a fitness regime which alludes to the fact that you might need to skip a day or two of your workout routines after getting your body waxed.

We know you have questions, so we are here to answer them!

What Does Sweat Have To Do With My Workout Routine?

If you’ve ever had waxing done, you’d remember the esthetician applying a pre-waxing lotion before applying wax from the wax warmer. Now some of you might think that this has something to do with the ease of depilation or the technique; although this is partly true, the main reason is for preventing you from sweating during your waxing session.

Waxing opens your pores, so sweating during a workout after waxing doesn’t give your newly opened pores enough time to close. Accumulation of sweat and bacteria into those pores could lead to infections or ingrown hairs.

The skin does need time to calm and recover from waxing, as waxing exfoliates the skin leaving it more sensitive to sweat or bacteria.

So What Is The Ideal Time To Resume Working Out?

24 hours time is the ideal timeframe to ensure your skin has calmed and has begun to heal. However, it could be a greater benefit to wait 36-40 hours before hitting the gym, especially if you have just had a Brazillian wax done. You don’t want those tightly fitting gym clothes to irritate your skin atop of all that sweat.

I Am A Dedicated Fitness Addict, Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes, there are! But before we go to what you can do, let’s discuss what’s a big ‘no no’ after waxing!

  1. Avoid getting into a swimming pool!
  2. Save kick-boxing for later.
  3. Your feet might have to wait before boogying in that dance class.
  4. No running.

You can try using free weights for a light, but effective workout. Yoga is also a great option! Try some relaxing Yoga positions and follow it with some stretching. Allow your exfoliated skin to breathe a little before going back to your fitness routine.

Yes, we not only want you to use the top home waxing kits, but we also want you to take the best precautions possible to ensure care of your freshly waxed skin. After all, healthy skin assures us looking our best!