Waxx-A-Holix Body Waxing

Monica Udeh is only twenty-four years old, but she already owns her own full body wax salon, Waxx-A-Holix Body Waxing, and is living her childhood dream of being a businessowner. Monica dreamt of owner her own business since she was ten years old but was not entirely sure in what field it would be in. Her father was also a successful businessowner, so entrepreneurship has always been imbedded in her genes. At the age eighteen, she had already graduated high school with her cosmetology license and already had ample experience working with hair, nails, and makeup.

Once she began body waxing, Monica instantly fell in love with the craft and discovered that she had natural abilities for it. Every girl she knew wanted her to work her magic on them and Monica loved the satisfaction of making other people feel beautiful. She loved waxing so much that she knew that one day she had to open up her own wax salon.

Like with most new businesses, the first year can be a bit challenging. Some of Monica’s main obstacles in the beginning were finances, confidence, and building a clientele from scratch. Another one of her issues was finding a wax company that made it easy for her new business to grow. One day while scrolling through her Instagram feed, Monica stumbled upon a post by @browsby_liz, in which she was demonstrating how great and easy to use Starpil waxes are. 

Monica decided to give Starpil a try and placed an order. After experimenting and playing with the wax, she was head over heels in love with its quality and consistency! From this moment on, Monica knew that her wax of choice was officially Starpil! She also loves all of the different varieties of premium wax that Starpil offers including both soft waxes and hard waxes.

“I love the different varieties of wax that Starpil offers! It’s like Starpil has a specific wax for every skin type. I can’t get over how extremely easy to use the waxes are and I love that they melt quickly and are smooth on the skin!”

After placing her first wholesale order, she was designated a Personal Account Manager that ensures she never runs low on products by managing her orders. Personal Account Managers also hook you up with Starpil’s latest deals and promotions exclusive to wholesale customers for even greater savings on all of your favorite products!

Monica regularly uses Pink film, Blue film, and Starsoft hard waxes with her favorite being the Starsoft formula. Our Starsoft wax is one of our luxury-line of wax and is one of our best-sellers. It is perfect for removing the finest of hairs and is gentle enough for hypersensitive skin. Starsoft provides a flawless waxing experience for both the waxer and the client.

Monica is categorized as a speed wax specialist and she can get most bikini services done in 10-15 minutes. Starpil waxes allow are great for speed waxers because they dry quickly and allow for multiple strips to be applied at the same time. Monica is enjoying life being a businessowner and is a new dog mom to an English bulldog named Harvey. She is Nigerian and Creole and a couple fun facts about her are that can eat breakfast at any time of the day and is 6’2! She has been in business for less than two years but with the help of Starpil, she and Waxx-A-Holix will continue blossoming.


Instagram: @waxxaholixbodywaxing