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Why Using Pre and Post Wax Products are a MUST

Why Using Pre and Post Wax Products are a MUST

Why Using Pre and Post Wax Products are a MUST

The waxing industry has gone through numerous changes since its start. From being one of the most painful practices women once dreaded, we have come to the relief of painless waxing procedures. Not only that, there are many more waxing practices that have developed along the way. The most loved and appreciated change is the use of pre and post wax products.


Ladies, we are all familiar with the ‘instructions’ or ‘questions’ that the salon lady shoots us with every time we walk in. And those in the business agree it becomes frustrating when their customer comes in for waxing without taking care of application lotions. These little details that carry significance negatively affects the waxing procedure leaving you with an unpleasant experience.


And thus.. Pre and Post Waxing Products!


Comforts of Using Pre Waxing Products


There are numerous pre waxing lotions available today which make sure that you go through a less painful, faster, and more efficient waxing treatment. The most basic use of pre-waxing lotions is to cleanse the skin of oils, other skin treatments, bacteria, sweat, and dust. Skipping this step might prevent you from thorough hair removal due to previous oils and creams applied or infections, rashes, and more.


Although it is recommended to use the lotions regardless of the type of waxing treatment, especially if you are using wax strips and soft wax. Starpil’s hard wax kit includes pre and post waxing treatments making them a perfect pick for professionals and students. Making its application mandatory in your salon (if you are a professional) relieves you of two things. One is to handle your customers’ questions on relieving the skin, and the other is the stressful endeavor of waxing on moisturized or unprepared skin.


Comforts of Using Post Waxing Products


Waxing can be messy. Its application brings a new challenge altogether for the one who is on the service side, and that is cleaning. Post wax oils is a great way to get rid of the sticky leftovers from the skin to leave it shiny and smooth. There’s one more issue that needs to be mentioned advocating post waxing products-sensitivity.


Not all can withstand the harshness of waxing. There are a number of ladies who avoid this procedure because their skin’s sensitivity does not allow them. Redness, puffed up skin, blotches, and rashes are some of the traits which most of the women observe post waxing. Post waxing lotions are formulated using the best moisturizers keeping a sensitive skin in mind. These lotions make sure your skin gets an even tone, remains moisturized, and does not get infected follicles.


Their potential to slow down the hair growth is definitely the cherry on the top!


You can also stop your inner hair growth issues by using this Hair Puller spray that works wonders! All you need to is to spray on the affected areas within 24 hours of waxing!


If you are having second thoughts about these products because you prefer home waxing, then we have a solution! Starpil’s home waxing kit comes with pre and post lotions! We recommend all the home waxers use them to have your skin feeling like you just walked out the salon.


When you pick Starpil, you are going for one of the best wax brands in the world! We offer quality you can trust and customer service you can depend on.



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