You Have Questions We Have Answers!

22 Nov, 19



Hey everyone! We love that you want to learn about the best professional wax for hair removal and understand everything in the wacky world of wax. Listen, the only way to be the best in the business is if you know the most - that is a fact! With that being said, we appreciate you guys reaching out to us with your concerns, questions, and comments so today we are addressing some of your inquiries so let’s get to it!

Alright - here we go…

Kaci: What are the best strips to use for the clear soft wax? Muslin, non-woven…? Thanks, Kaci 

Hey Kaci! We highly recommend our non-woven removable strips which are easy to use and work great with our Starsoft hypoallergenic soft strip wax that’s our best professional wax for hair removal. Obviously made with the highest quality, (did you think otherwise? it’s Starpil!) these pre-cut fiber strips are tear and bleed-proof with a smooth texture. 

Kalia: What are the active ingredients in the hair puller ingrown hair spray?

Hey hey hey Kalia! Our Starpil hair puller’s active ingredients are urea and salicylic acid which causes shedding of the outer layer of skin thus softening and removing rough, scaly skin. It’s great for ingrown hairs as this spray releases trapped hairs and reduces blotchiness and irritation. We recommend that you use our Hair Puller 24 hours after waxing. Get yours today!

Vanessa: What are the size dimensions for this warmer? I am looking for one that doesn’t take up a lot of counter space.

Hello Vanessa! Our Standard Professional Wax Warmer measures at 7 inches wide and 5 inches deep which is not that big at all. It is one of our most popular wax warmers for a reason as it’s light, doesn’t take up that much room, and can melt enough wax for full-body hair removal waxing sessions. If you aren’t doing too much waxing then I recommend the Facial Wax Warmer which measures at 4 inches wide and 5 inches deep but only holds 125 grams of wax so it is not intended for big waxing sessions. It’s up to you but check them out and make your choice!

Brandi: Is the new Coral Wax recommended for Brazilians? 

Yes, girl! Coral Wax's properties are great for sensitive areas. This brilliantly formulated hair removal wax works exceptionally for intimate areas and smells delightful! You’ll thank us later. 

Jamie: Hi Starpilers, I’m trying to understand the difference between the Standard Professional Hard Wax Warmer and the Professional Soft Wax Warmer. I use both hard and soft wax.

Hey Jamie! We got you! The Professional Soft Wax Warmer is specially made to be used with our soft wax cans only. The Standard Professional Hard Wax Warmer is intended to be used only with our hard wax products. The major difference in the wax warmers is in the hair removal wax that you use.

Victor: Is the star soft perfect for doing eyebrows and other face areas?

Starsoft hard or soft wax is the best wax for facial hair removal that also works amazing for any type of waxing session. This wax is formulated for delicate skin as it is hypoallergenic, free of parabens, rosins, colorants, and fragrances. Its creamy elastic consistency makes it easy to maneuver when having waxing sessions that require precision. 

That does it for this round of Starpil Q & A. Feel free to message us any questions that you may have about hair removal waxing or our products and we will be more than happy to answer them for you. 

See you next time!