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ZhinBeauty: by Zhinous Javan

ZhinBeauty: by Zhinous Javan

Instagram: @zhinbeauty

Located in San Antonio, Texas ZhinBeauty is a specialty salon owned by waxing specialist, Zhinous Javan. Throughout her life, Zhinous has been an artist and has endeavored multiple forms of art. She began as a graphic designer and a musician but after immigrating to the United States from Iran, Zhinous found her new passion: Esthetics!

The biggest obstacles that Zhinous faced after leaving her home country was learning an entirely new language and adapting to the American culture and way of life. English was a must in order for her to succeed in her new career as she had to talk with clients and needed to begin building a client base since nobody knew her name or what she did. Zhinous was starting from square one.

“I started out working from home until I found a business location that would work for my needs. I began to learn and research how to market and advertise my work. I had to budget well due to having no guarantee this would work, but it’s been six months in my business is starting to do great! I have some of the best clients anyone could ask for and I’m grateful for everyone that’s helped and supported me as I got my business started. I couldn’t have done it without them!”

Zhinous lets her work speak for itself by bringing to the table a skillset envied by most. She brings love and respect to her clients, and her hard work and determination show in everything she does. Zhinous’s vision is for her clients to walk out of her studio feeling much better than they did when they came in. She also brings gratitude and is thankful for every single one of her clients.

The first time that Zhinous saw Starpil was on a Facebook ad in late 2017. She wasn’t active on Instagram back then to see most of the content Starpil features on social media but was intrigued by the wax’s striking appearance. Today she feels that trying the product has been one of the best decisions she has made for her career!

“Your brand and your company have the best wax quality in the world! I've tried different waxes before, from different European waxes to Australian, but nothing really worked for me.

Your wax just made my job a lot easier and it is the only product that has made me and all my clients happy and satisfied with the phenomenal results!”

ZhinBeauty offers a variety of specialty waxing services all done with Zhinous’s favorite Starpil formulas: Blue & Pink Film hard waxes, as well as Blue Azulene & Starsoft soft waxes.

“Honestly, the Pink Film wax is one of my favorites because of its creamier composition. It also dries quickly and is super easy to work with! It’s amazing for sensitive skin and grabs the hair perfectly. When it comes to eyebrow services, I mix both soft and hard wax depending on the client’s skin type. I love using the best products and having the best service for my clients and this wax makes this possible!”

“It also really makes a huge difference when you have a Personal Account Manager. I don't need to stress out about running out of products! Mariana is very helpful and she always responds to all the questions or concerns I may have. Last time I had zero product and I contacted her, she got my shipment here as soon as possible! I received the shipment in three days and that unmatched customer service really surprised me. It helps me keep my business running as smoothly as possible!”

Zhinous is a woman of artistic ability as she has shown throughout the years. Whether she is designing, playing an instrument, or waxing, she always devotes her heart and soul into everything she does. In her spare time, Zhinous also models and loves doing character voiceovers for kids.

“It's a hidden talent that I have! I would also like to thank my husband, family, and great clients for allowing me to turn what was once a dream into reality!”


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