The Waxopolitan

23 Oct, 17
Waxing Hacks For A Lasting Smoothness- This Is How It’s Done!
The velvety texture that hair removal wax provides is hard to ignore once you have enjoyed it along with the fact that the hairless state lasts longer than any other hair removal methods. Hair removal wax pulls the hair as small as 1mm in length f...
25 Sep, 17
Waxing And Workout Sessions Need Time Balancing - Here’s Why!
The benefits of waxing are catching on with women and those who once preferred alternative hair removal ways, are now happily making the change! The main reason for this is that the hair-less state achieved using body waxing kits stays for a much...
14 Sep, 17
6 Quick Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Eyebrows After Waxing
Eyebrow waxing is a blessing for every woman who simply can’t get through the pain of threading. Eyebrow waxing kits have made this caring for your brows much easier! Don’t you agree with us ladies? We’re certain you’d also agree how immensely sat...
09 Aug, 17
Painless Waxing Is an Art: Learn The Tricks to Defeat Pain While Home-Waxing
Being among the top wax manufacturers in the world, we understand the science of waxing better than the rest. Although the process is excruciating for some, you can use a few tricks that help us have a pain free experience. If you are one of those...
01 Aug, 17
Different Methods to Exfoliate Your Body Before Waxing
Regardless if you use the best wax available in the market, ingrown hairs are a harsh reality we cannot escape. Hair removal techniques don’t matter when it comes to ingrown hairs. Epilation, shaving, soft waxing, and hard wax hair removals all te...
25 Jul, 17
5 Professional Waxing Accessories From Starpil - Must Have Products!
The grooming industry seems to have resisted every form of economic crisis has reached a level where the men’s grooming industry is as dominant as women’s. As of September 2016, the waxing industry is witnessing 6% annual growth and collecting $11...
25 Jul, 17
At-Home Waxing Made Easy With 6 Tips!
While some of the women really don’t care to get waxing done, others hate the idea of visiting a professional salon. The latter will most likely procrastinate and opt for a Netflix season over being waxed by a stranger. The Body waxing kit is heav...
25 Jul, 17
Facial Waxing Tips and Facts That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of
‘Is the pain of body waxing too much to keep us from the practice?’ This is what everyone new to waxing must be thinking. It is agreeable, waxing is usually painful and not a pleasant chore at all. Oh yes, it is a chore, but what can we do about i...



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