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05 Mar, 18
How I Fell In Love With Starpil And Why You Will Too - HK Wax Center
They say you find true love when you're not looking for it. I'm not sure they intended for that to apply to hair removal wax, but that's my Starpil story -love when I least expected it! Hello, my name is Kristen and I'm an Esthetician and the owne...
05 Feb, 18
Bridal Waxing 101: When, How, Which; Answers to Every Waxing Query!
Congratulations! We assume your big day is just around the corner and this might be the tenth site visited to check those facts on waxing that could fall in line with the schedule of a bride. Stay back, relax, and let us guide you on your hair re...
05 Feb, 18
5 Reasons to Keep Waxing in Winter Months!
Interrupting the Hair Growth Cycle Is a Bad Idea! Unlike other hair removal techniques, waxing removes the hairs from their roots which affects the hair follicles. As time passes on the hair follicles start mending and if given more time, it ...
04 Dec, 17
Which Wax Do You Prefer? The Starpil Waxes - Find Your Favorite Now!
Starpil itself has been experimenting in the fabrication of depilatory and cosmetic products for 30 years and we are extremely proud of where we are today. The allure of hair removal wax manufactured by Starpil includes everything from the basic ...
01 Nov, 17
5 Simple Tricks to Avoid ‘Popping Pimples’ Post Waxing Sessions
If there’s any exact definition of waxing it would be ‘Beautiful Endurance”. Despite using the best wax available in the market, there is no denying in existential acne problems that this hard/soft wax hair removal process brings along with its b...
23 Oct, 17
Waxing Hacks For A Lasting Smoothness- This Is How It’s Done!
The velvety texture that hair removal wax provides is hard to ignore once you have enjoyed it along with the fact that the hairless state lasts longer than any other hair removal methods. Hair removal wax pulls the hair as small as 1mm in length f...
25 Sep, 17
Waxing And Workout Sessions Need Time Balancing - Here’s Why!
The benefits of waxing are catching on with women and those who once preferred alternative hair removal ways, are now happily making the change! The main reason for this is that the hair-less state achieved using body waxing kits stays for a much...
14 Sep, 17
6 Quick Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Eyebrows After Waxing
Eyebrow waxing is a blessing for every woman who simply can’t get through the pain of threading. Eyebrow waxing kits have made this caring for your brows much easier! Don’t you agree with us ladies? We’re certain you’d also agree how immensely sat...



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