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27 Nov, 20
The Complete Guide to Starpil Wax Warmers
  Starpil wax warmers are the most superior wax machines available on the market today. They are the most trusted wax warmers in America and Europe for their quality and durability. Our professional wax warmers are also used by some of the most d...
25 Nov, 20
How to Avoid Acne After Waxing
  Pimples after waxing can be a constant struggle for some people. They may love a hair-free existence but might question whether it’s worth it or live in annoyed agony at the onset of unsightly and sometimes painful whiteheads. Well, here's a li...
20 Nov, 20
5 Professional Waxing Accessories from Starpil - Must-Have Products!
The grooming industry seems to have resisted every form of economic crisis. It’s even reached a level where the men’s grooming industry is becoming as strong as the women’s beauty industry. Yes, we have taken a hit but are rising again, and just ...
18 Nov, 20
Starpil Black Friday Shopping Guide
  Black Friday sales are upon us early this year, so start your warmers, get set, ready, and go. With so much to think about this year, we thought we’d help you with the craziest shopping day of the year, with a few essential tips to ease your sho...
13 Nov, 20
Update Your Salon Intake Forms
States across the country have only recently re-opened their wax salons. And even though there is still an air of uncertainty for the future of the industry, the likeliness of a COVID world continuing for a while means that your salon client inta...
11 Nov, 20
Three Successful Beauty Salon Tips
  Being a salon owner and running your own business is not easy, but it is rewarding and can seem effortless if you take the necessary steps to make that happen. How? They say if you put your mind to it, you can create endless possibilities for y...
06 Nov, 20
How to Start a Spa Business: Securing Customer Loyalty
There is a lot to think about when learning how to start a spa business surrounding esthetics and waxing. Bringing in new business is just one side of the equation, but securing customer loyalty is a whole other ballgame. Your salon client retent...
04 Nov, 20
Original Blend vs Film Hard Wax
If you want to talk about the most popular way to wax, you’d be talking about stripless hard wax. It all started when non-polymer hard wax tablets came on the scene around a long time ago. It quickly surpassed soft wax as an esthie favorite beca...



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