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18 Sep, 20
A Starpil Wax Guide to Facial Waxing
  Waxing facial hair is a cornerstone of the waxing world. It can be more complicated than body waxing because a bad facial wax service can be written all over a client’s face. Facial waxing has different subcategories like eyebrow waxing, shapin...
16 Sep, 20
How to Reduce Waxing Pain | The Complete Guide
  Everyone knows that waxing is painful to some degree. At best, it’s annoying; at worst, it’s merely…the WORST. Some wax professionals may downplay waxing pain. They feel like it might be a bad look, so the response concerning the topic of “will...
11 Sep, 20
The Right Way to Prep Skin Before Waxing
  Prepping the skin seems simple enough; cleanse, wax, next, right? If it’s been that way since esthetician school, maybe it’s time we revisit how to prepare for a wax by applying more emphasis on getting skin in the best shape for waxing and bey...
09 Sep, 20
A Starpil Wax Guide to Hair Growth
  It seems like the subject of hair growth and waxing is often reduced to the phrase "about the size of a grain of rice" (or 1/4-inch long). These are great words to live by, but there is so much more to talk about concerning hair growth and wax...
04 Sep, 20
How to Be the Ultimate Waxing Star
If you haven’t heard, Starpil Wax is almost through with its very first waxing competition, Waxing with The Stars! After three rigorous rounds and a lot of wax, we’re finally announcing our winner on September 8 on our Instagram! The winner will ...
02 Sep, 20
Skin Lifting from Waxing | The Complete Guide
There's nothing more dreadful than a client getting a wax burn on the face or body during their service with you or your staff. You might not even notice it right away, then the surrounding skin starts to normalize, and there it is, a steamin...
28 Aug, 20
How to Train Your Salon Team and Be a Better Spa Manager
If you’re planning on opening a salon and hiring staff, have a salon team already, or are expanding your business with new hires, there is never a wrong time to learn how to train your staff and be a better spa manager. Your team is a critical fa...
26 Aug, 20
How to Do a Manzilian Wax
Back in the day, we called a man who was interested in grooming a “metrosexual.” These days, we just call it male grooming as it should be. And as the “trend” of a man taking care of himself grows in social acceptability, so does their willingnes...



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