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01 May, 20
How to write an SOP during COVID-19
OPEN DOORS, GET SET, THRIVE! Salon doors are opening from state to state and if you haven't already started taking clients, you will be soon! Have you updated your Salon Operations Procedures and had a call with your staff to go over all the pro...
29 Apr, 20
The COVID-19 Client Conversation
It’s looking like salon doors are going to be opening sooner than expected which is GREAT news for everyone! Once again you’ll be providing beauty & skin services to your clients who count on you for their pampering needs. Feel a sense of rel...
24 Apr, 20
Meet the Starpil Team: Part 3
Hey Esthies! This is the third part of the Starpil Bunch, where we share a little bit about ourselves here at Starpil Wax USA. We want you to get to know us better and be able to put a face to the names behind the brand. It’s important for us to h...
22 Apr, 20
Beauty Industry: The New Normal
  Have you prepared yourself for the changes that lay ahead?  Your salon will be opening its doors soon, do you have your salon checklist ready?  You’ll have to consider extra safety precautions to ensure that your clients are comfortable for the...
17 Apr, 20
Meet the Starpil Team: Part 2
Welcome to the second part of the Starpil Bunch! For the next couple of Fridays, I will introduce the incredibly talented, motivated, passionate, and dedicated individuals who are the heart and soul of the Starpil brand.  Starpil is a growing t...
15 Apr, 20
Why is My Wax Tearing & Cracking?
There’s nothing worse than buying a product, being pumped to try it for the first time, then experiencing difficulties. If you’ve ever purchased a Starpil formula and experienced tearing or cracking, there are reasons this may be happening and we...
10 Apr, 20
Meet the Starpil Team: Part 1
 The Starpil Wax US team is a group of incredibly talented, motivated, passionate, and dedicated individuals from all around the world. Our goal is to create quality products, provide you with one-on-one assistance, and give you valuable informati...
08 Apr, 20
4 Ways to Support Small Business
Small businesses are the stimulus of a community and they add to the diversity and the flavor of the neighborhood. Some businesses can’t survive long without being open and this is a difficult time for many types of business owners, estheticians, ...



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