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Standard Facial Wax Warmer 125g

With its compact size that holds up to 4 oz. of wax at a time, Starpil’s Standard Facial Warmer is perfect for waxing smaller areas such as the face & eyebrows.

Our wax warmers are made with only the finest materials and are trusted worldwide for their quality and durability. This warmer has an easy to use temperature dial & includes a matching top to maintain wax at the temperature you select.

110-120volt US 

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selected :Standard Facial Wax Warmer 125g
    • Pro quality and design
    • Hard wax goes directly into the pot
    • Aluminum inner wax pot
    • 1 year warranty repair or replacement
    • Adjustable temperature dial for the optimum consistency
    • Compact Wax Warmer
    • Holds (125g/4.4 oz) Loose Wax
    • Non-stick Well For Easy Cleaning
    • Variable Temperature Setting
    • Fast Heat-up Time
    • Locking Lid

    • Place wax beads or tablets into your Starpil wax warmer.
    • Heat wax to 50°C/120°F to produce a honey-like texture.
    • Lower temperature to lowest setting and wait 20-30 minutes.
    • For best results, prepare your skin for waxing using Starpil prepil gel.
    • Test wax’s temperature on the wrist before application.
    • Apply wax in the direction of hair growth.
    • Leave to cool, then firmly peel off wax, pulling it back in the opposite direction of hair growth.
    • Finish by applying the Post Emulsion Oil for best results

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