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Professional Wax Warmers

Choosing a professional wax warmer means that you are stepping up your waxing game 100%! No matter where you’re starting from, Starpil Wax is your one-stop-shop for the perfect wax pot. We work closely with licensed professionals to design products that make a genuine difference in their workday. So whether you need a wax warmer for at-home or your waxing business, these beautiful machines are made for the best.

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Professional Wax Warmers


Professional Waxing Kits


Premium Large Hard Wax Warmer - 5lb


Premium 10lb Wax Warmer


Professional Large Hard Wax Warmer - 5lb


Premium Standard Hard Wax Warmer - 1lb


Facial Wax Warmer - 4oz - for Hard Wax Beads and Tablets


Double Hard Wax Warmer - 2lb


Professional Soft Wax Warmer - 500ml


Starter Wax Warmer - 17oz


Tall Starter Wax Warmer - 27oz


Double Roll-On Wax Warmer (Cordless)


Roll-On Wax Warmer (Cordless)


Double Soft Wax Warmer - 2.2lb


Triple Roll-On Wax Warmer (Cordless)


Original Extra-Large Hard Wax Warmer - 10lb


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 Professional Waxing Products

High Quality Wax Warmers

Starpil’s soft and hard wax warmers are designed to help you get the most from your wax to provide professional waxing services faster and more effectively.

Each one of our electric wax heaters includes a guided instruction manual for easy setup and meets the standards of world-class professionals.

Hard Wax Warmers

At Starpil, we understand that every business is unique. Our fast-heating hard wax pots are available in 4oz, 1lb, 5lb, and 10lb variations to scale your business to its full potential.

Our 4oz Hard Wax Facial Warmer is perfect for eyebrow, nose hair, sideburns and upper lip waxing services.

Use our 1lb Hard Wax Warmer if you’re a pro offering 1-5 body waxing services a week, or if you want different hard wax formulas available when needed. The Starpil 5lb and 10lb wax warmers are best for waxers serving back-to-back waxing clients all day every day.

Professional Soft Wax Warmer

Soft Wax Warmers

Our soft wax warmers are made for use with soft wax cans or Starpil Roll-On Wax Cartridges. Choose the soft wax warmer that best suits your waxing style.

Our single and dual soft wax warmers can hold 400ml and 500ml (14oz and 17oz) cans of soft wax to facilitate waxing services large and small. Use our 17oz Soft Wax Can Warmer for multiple facial and body waxing services or The Starpil Dual Soft Wax Can Warmer to keep different formulas ready and within reach.

We have single, double and triple Starpil Roll-On Wax Warmers for solo waxers to high-volume waxing salons and spas that need multiple roll-on warmers for their services.

Wax Warmer Safety Precautions

Starpil wax warmers are designed to be used by licensed professionals. Here are the safety measures to take in operating your wax warmer:

  • Never immerse your wax warmer or other electrical appliances in water.
  • Always unplug your wax warmer from the power supply when not in use, prior to use, when setting down, and before cleaning.
  • The device must be kept on a stable surface at all times.
  • Ensure the voltage for the electrical source and the wax warmer are compatible (1 10-120 Volts US).
  • Always keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Never touch the device while it’s on.
  • If the appliance is malfunctioning, contact Starpil’s excellent customer
  • service team for help at +1 (305) 907-0756.
  • Never use in a bathroom or near any source of water or other liquids.
  • Keep your wax warmer out of direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Remember to unplug the wax warmer before removing wax cans or aluminum tins from the device.
Professional Soft Wax Warmer by Starpil Wax


To pick the best wax warmer to meet your needs, answer the following questions.

  • Do I like hard or soft wax?
  • What’s my waxing volume?

No matter if you’re looking for an at-home wax machine, are a solo esthie on the go, or are a full-scale salon looking to maximize your growth potential, there are multiple warmer options available:


    Each of our fast-heating professional wax warmers (no matter how small) uses some of the most advanced technology on the market today. Each wax pot is made for loose hard wax beads or tablets and comes in 4oz, 1lb, Double, 5lb, and two 10lb variations to scale your business to its full potential.


    In addition to our hard wax warmers, we also have a professional wax warmer for soft wax. We have a 1lb Standard and Double Soft Wax Warmer. Each is made with advanced technology and specialty wax wells designed to insulate and heat 400ml, 500, or 800ml cans of soft strip wax.


    Get you a warmer that can do both! Starter Warmers are price-savvy warmers that can melt either hard or soft wax. This class of wax pot comes in 17oz (1lb/500ml), or 27oz (1.68lb/800ml) sizes and has a sleek design that will look good at home or on any wax station.

All of our warmers will safely maintain your wax at the optimal temperature for the entirety of your waxing session. Each warmer can be left on during a busy workday but should be shut off or unplugged when unattended, not in use, and definitely at the end of every workday.

The amount of time it takes to heat your wax depends on:

  • The wax formula
  • The amount of wax
  • The specific warmer you are using

Pro Warming Tips

Read your wax warmer instruction manual. Set your wax warmer to what it says for the initial meltdown, then bring your warmer to the application temperature each specific wax dictates.

Most wax warmers from a small to a larger wax warmer take 20-30 minutes to completely melt down wax into liquid form. After that, it might take an additional 15-20 minutes for the wax to reach a thick, honey-like consistency. Always test your wax on yourself before applying to a client.

Application Temperatures of Starpil Film Hard Wax Beads and Tablets

  • Blue: 70˚C - 75˚C
  • Pink: 65˚C - 70˚C
  • Black: 70˚C
  • Coral: 65˚C
  • Calendula: 65˚C
  • Starsoft: 60˚C

The best way to remove wax from a wax pot is to keep the remaining wax as solid as possible so that you can scoop it out in one big piece with a waxing spatula or tongs. Start by setting your wax pot to between 55°C-75°C. You want to melt the bottom and edges of the wax enough to make it moveable.

Cleaning the inside of your warmer is simple! Start by heating up your wax melting pot and wiping it with dry paper towels. (Use caution as the warmer will get hot). The inside and outside of the hair wax warmer can be cleaned using your favorite degreaser, like our Starpil Original Post-Wax Oil. Finish by wiping down the warmer with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

The best wax warmer for hair removal is a back, chest, and leg hair wax warmer all rolled into one. Roll-On waxing meets a variety of hair removal needs and comes in single, double and triple warmers. Use them with any one of our eight 3.8oz roll-on wax cartridge formulas.

Every Starpil machine is made to be the best wax warmer for salon use. Refer to the above information on ‘Which Starpil Wax Warmer is Right for Me’ or email us at info@starpilwax.com and put Starpil Pro in the subject line or contact us here.

Although our waxes are universal, our warmers are explicitly designed for use on Starpil Wax formulas. This means that they’re made for the best. We work closely with estheticians every day to make sure that they are literally molded to the needs of the world’s top waxing professionals.

A professional wax warmer is intended for use with the best, most high quality wax. It’s designed to build and grow waxing businesses, so we’d say, just keep it to the hard or soft wax it was intended for. It’s safer and helps keep your warmer lasting for years to come.

Only our starter, blue-top warmers are compatible for both soft and hard wax. However, we also make wax warmers designed specifically for both hard and soft wax.

There can be a few reasons why your wax may not be setting.

  • How thick did you apply your wax?
  • Is my room temperature affecting my wax temperature?
  • What was my wax consistency before application?
  • If your wax is not setting, it may have been applied too thickly, your room or your wax is too hot. For optimal results, keep your room temperature around 70°F - 72°F when using your Starpil wax warmer. After your initial meltdown, lower the temperature on your wax pot as dictated by your wax formula. Your wax should resemble a thick, honey-like consistency that “bulbs” up around your waxing stick when twirled. If your wax runs thinly off the stick, it’s too hot. Starsoft Film Hard Wax does have a longer setting time than other waxes giving you more time for placement.

Even if you want to put a drop or two of essential oil in a full pot of melted Starpil Wax, we’d suggest caution. Overall, we’d say avoid putting essential oils in your wax warmer. The best products to use on or in your wax pot are Starpil Post-Wax Oil and 70% isopropyl alcohol.

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