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Premium Soft Wax

All variations of Starpil's professional soft wax are designed for estheticians with traditional waxing styles, for students just getting started, and for at-home users who prefer strip wax. Crafted with the highest quality resins, beeswax, and other natural ingredients, our soft strip waxes deliver the most gentle soft wax experience.

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Soft wax is a versatile waxing medium ideal for estheticians who prefer this method, as well as students and at-home users. Soft wax is ideal for methodical hair removal across large surface areas, like legs, backs, and arms. It also does not require waiting for wax to harden before removal, which allows for quick service times. This traditional method of wax removal is also made even easier with our Roll-On Wax Systems.


Our soft waxing bundles and kits are developed for needs of all kinds, whether you are an esthetician who prefers a more traditional approach, a student, or just an at-home user who prefers using strips to achieve that perfect waxing experience that Starpil is known for. View more



Soft wax is a more traditional style of waxing that requires a spatula to apply, and a strip to remove from the skin following the wax’s application.
Starpil’s premium soft waxes are made of high quality resins, beeswax, and natural ingredients. We carry a wide variety, including our Hypoallergenic Starsoft Soft Wax, so you can find the right type for you - no matter what your needs are.
Overall, using both hard wax and soft wax can bring multiple benefits to your waxing sessions. Offering both options allows for you to create a more tailor-made experience for each client. Additionally, mastering the process involved with both wax types allows for you to both learn more about your craft and achieve more credibility in the field.

Overall, the biggest difference between hard and soft wax is the method of application- hard wax is a stripless, more modern technique that requires no strips, and is loved by many for its ease of use and for attaching only to hair, not skin. Soft wax is a more traditional technique that requires strips for removal, is ideal for waxing large areas, and allows for its users to have a speedy waxing session.
If you’re wondering how to use soft wax, we’ve got you covered. Soft wax is applied using a spatula in order to smooth the heated soft wax over the area. A strip is then applied to the area, and is used to remove the wax (and any hair) from the skin.
Which soft wax is right for you depends on your skill level, client volume or individual preference. If you’re just starting out, or do not have a heavy client volume, we recommend getting a customizable Soft Wax Bundle to ensure that every aspect of your waxing experience is taken care of.
To make sure that you are giving yourself or your client the most painless experience possible, make sure to follow our instructions that come with every soft wax or waxing bundle. You’re already using the highest quality products out there, so all you need to do is perfect your technique for a virtually painless, easy process.


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