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Starsoft - The Most Innovative Waxing Formula!

As the luxury line of one of the leading depilatory wax companies on the planet, Starsoft redefines waxing by providing an unparalleled experience. Starsoft is a flawless clear wax formula made with neurosensory properties to ensure utmost comfort, even for clients with hyper-sensitive skin types


It is a pine rosin-free with no perfumes, coloring agents, or preservatives. Starsoft also heats at low temperature, creating a perfect texture and consistency and is effective for full-body use. 

Whether your craft is waxing with hard, soft, or our patented soft strip roll-on wax, Starsoft is available in the most convenient way for you. And better yet, it ships directly to your home or business!

Browse the collection and experience the magic of Starsoft for yourself!

The finest waxing line on the market today!

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Professional Waxing Kits

Starsoft Clear Soft Strip Wax Bundle (Hypoallergenic/400ml)


Starsoft Clear Soft Strip Waxing Kit (Hypoallergenic/400ml)


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