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Stripless Hard Wax

Looking for the best hard wax that meets all of your salon and at-home waxing needs? Starpil Hard Wax has you covered! Whether it’s hard wax beads or tablets, our professional hard wax will spread evenly, set quickly, have a great pull, and be extremely gentle on the skin.

If you’re looking for a hard wax that’ll spread evenly, have a great pull, and be gentle on the skin, Starpil hard wax beads and tablets are exactly what you need!

When it comes to stripless hard wax that meets all of your salon and at-home waxing needs, Starpil hard wax has got you covered! From hard wax beads and tablets to the best hard wax for sensitive skin, our professional hard wax collection is designed for effective results.

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Stripless Hard Wax


Natural Hard Wax Tablets (Original Blend)


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Hard Wax Collection - Starpil

Hard Wax Beads

Wax beads or ‘hard wax beans’ as it is known by some, are loved by many for their ability to melt down in record time due to their super small size, and can be applied thin and over small surface areas without experiencing any cracking or breaking.

Starpil's Hard Wax microbeads allows us to stand out from other, larger, wax beads on the market, as our microbeads offer even faster and more even heating times than their competition.

Our hard wax microbeads, called “film wax”, contain polymer, which provides added flexibility and malleability in comparison to non-polymer waxes.

Hard Wax Tablets

Hard wax tablets are made with the same formula as our hard wax microbeads, but their larger tablet size enables them to dry and set faster after melting, and allow for quicker and speedier applications.

Starpil hard wax tablets are available in both non-polymer and polymer (film hard wax) variations.

Our Non-Polymer hard wax tablets (Original Blend) are free from rosins, have a quick setting time, and superb hydrating abilities, which are fabulous for thick, coarse hair.

Hard Wax Collection - Starpil


Starpil Hard Wax Kits are your one-stop shop when searching for a full waxing experience. Each kit comes complete with a stripless hard wax plus all waxing accessories essential for successful services.



Hard wax is a stripless wax made for both face and body. Since this is a body wax that doesn’t need strips, the wax sets on it’s own after application, and can be removed on it’s own. Starpil offers two types of salon-grade hard wax: our Original Blend, non-polymer hard wax tablets, and our world-class polymer Film Hard Wax, which comes in both beads and hard wax tablets.
Overall, using both hard wax and soft wax can bring multiple benefits to your waxing sessions. Offering both options allows for you to create a more tailor-made experience for each client. On top of this, mastering the process involved with both wax types allows for you to both learn more about your craft, which also allows you to cement your position as a waxing authority.
Stripless Hard Wax
  • Doesn’t require non-woven strips for removal
  • Often less painful than other waxing methods
  • Requires a hard wax warmer
  • Less Mess
  • Doesn’t stick to skin
  • Is excellent at grabbing shorter hairs
  • Ideal for working in smaller sections and areas like underarms, and facial, Brazilian, and bikini waxing
  • Can be applied twice on the same spot when necessary
  • Can be applied thicker than soft wax
Soft Wax
  • Requires non-woven strips for removal
  • Adheres well to micro-tiny and fine hairs
  • Ideal for larger body parts
  • Gives maximum spreadability
  • Excellent for speed waxing
  • Has a longer setting time
  • Exfoliating
  • Works well on short to long hairs
  • Applied in thin layers
To learn even more, check out our Waxing 101 to get the full scoop on the difference between hard and soft wax. https://www.starpilwax.com/blogs/news/waxing-101-what-s-the-difference-between-soft-and-hard-wax
You can buy hard wax beads or tablets made with a polymer blend, commonly referred to as film hard wax. Polymers are micro-plastics used in hard wax to create a buffer over the skin to make hair removal less painful. There are two main types of Starpil polymer blends; crystalline and creamy. Crystalline formulas are made with microcrystalline which gives pliability and elasticity. Cream formulas contain titanium dioxide to “plump up” or tighten around fine hairs.
Both crystalline and cream film waxes contain paraffin to help soften and moisturize skin. Our specialty waxes are infused with essential oils and special ingredients to target specific skin care needs.
Different hard wax formulas mean different application temperatures. Your hard wax meltdowns are also affected by the temperature of the outside environment and whether you’re warming with the lid on or off. Your best indicator if the wax is ready for application is its consistency. If it’s running off the waxing spatula like oil, it’s way too hot. If it can wrap around a waxing stick and form a bulb, you might be ready to rock.
Use these numbers as guides to getting to the perfect wax application temperature.
Get your hard wax temperature on point!
  • Blue: 70˚C - 75˚C
  • Pink: 65˚C - 70˚C
  • Black: 70˚C
  • Coral: 65˚C
  • Calendula: 65˚C
  • Starsoft: 60˚C
The best hard wax for estheticians is the one they feel most comfortable using. At Starpil, we carry a diverse line of professional hard wax formulas that can help enhance and protect various skin types while providing the best hair removal results.
All of our film hard waxes are made to be used on the face and body, but we suggest using the following Starpil formulas for the face because of their extra-gentle formulations, their ability to pull, short, fine baby hairs, and essential ingredients to help address specific skin concerns. We make the best hard wax for you!
  • Pink Film Hard Wax for its creamy texture, gentle pull, and ability to remove fine vellus hairs.
  • Starsoft features neurosensory actives that help dull sensitivities.
  • Calendula Film Hard Wax contains calendula and tea tree oil to help reduce bacteria, inflammation, and redness.
We recommend saving your strips for soft wax and letting hard wax speak for itself.
Professional grade hard wax is only meant to be heated in a professional hard wax warmer. Our hard wax beads and tablets need to be melted in an even, cohesive and safe way. Microwaving professional hard wax beads or tablets can cause damage to your microwave or injury to you or your client.
Once the wax has been applied and removed from the skin, it should be thrown away and never reused.
As long as you never double-dip and use a different waxing spatula each time you take wax from your wax pot, you can continue reheating hard wax until it’s gone and you need to refill your wax pot.
The most important parts of using hard wax include your prep, meltdown, application, removal, and post-wax care. To learn how to use hard wax in depth, view our complete guide here.
Fill up your Starpil Hard Wax Warmer and set your temperature dial to 90°C for the initial meltdown. Whether you’re waxing with hard wax beads or tablets, lower the temperature of your particular formula. In about 20 - 45 minutes (depending on your warmer, amount of wax, and environment) your wax should be at a honey-like consistency.
Begin by using the proper Starpil Pre-Wax Care products. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth. Your application sets you up for successful removal. Lay your strip evenly in terms of thickness, pressure, and when creating the lip. If your strip’s edges aren’t straight, the strip can tear upon removal, so add more wax to the edges if needed.
Let your strip cool for a few seconds until it’s hardened. Flick up or pinch the lip between your pointer finger and thumb. Hold the skin taut, then firmly peel off wax parallel to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. Keep the skin anchored so it doesn’t pull up with the hair and strip.
To use hard wax at home, or for at-home use, we recommend using a 4oz Hard Wax Facial Warmer, Starter Warmers, or a 1lb Standard Hard Wax Warmer. Always turn off your wax warmer when unattended or when not in use.
No waxing process is going to be completely painless. Hard wax is generally considered to be less painful than soft wax, since it does not adhere to the skin. Plus, with the proper pre and post wax care process, you can properly prep the skin for the least painful wax possible.
After waxing, if there is any leftover wax residue, massage the skin with Starpil Post-Wax Oil and it will detach in no time. If your hard wax removal from the skin is over a larger area, wipe the area while the wax is still wet and follow with the oil massage. If the wax hardens, you will have to peel off wax as you would with a regular hair removal service.
If you are trying to remove a large amount of wax, keep it in its solid form and start by setting your warmer to between 55°C and 75°C. You only want to melt the bottom layer and simply scoop it out in one big piece with a waxing spatula or tongs. You can either place removed wax into a Starpil Empty Wax Tin for later use or discard. Take a thick paper towel and simply wipe out any leftover wax residue. Once all of the wax is removed, you can follow with Starpil Post-Wax Oil to remove any leftover wax residue. After, wipe with isopropyl alcohol.
If your hard wax removal is for a minimal amount of wax, set your warmer to between 55°C and 75°C. Don’t set your warmer too high and wear thick gloves to avoid injury. Take a thick paper towel and simply wipe out leftover wax. Once all of the wax is removed, you can follow with Starpil Post-Wax Oil to remove any leftover wax residue. After, wipe with isopropyl alcohol.
If you’ve accidentally gotten wax on an area of the skin where you don’t want to remove the hair (like too much wax on an eyebrow, for example), you have to act fast before the wax hardens. While the wax is still wet, take a small, angled waxing spatula and ease any hairs out of the wax that you don’t want to go with the removal. Next, take a cotton swab dipped in Starpil Post-Wax Oil and apply it to the hairs that you don’t want to remove.
If you’ve gotten a lot of wax on a large area of skin that you don’t want to remove, wipe the wax off with a paper towel while it’s still wet. Follow with a Starpil Post-Wax Oil massage. If the wax has already hardened, apply a paper towel over the area and saturate with Starpil Post-Wax Oil to a paper towel. Let sit until the wax has broken down. You’ll need to keep reapplying oil until all of the wax has dissolved. This can be a long and laborious process, so again, try to wipe the wax before it hardens.
For spilled wax on hard surfaces, spray on Starpil Post-Wax Oil and leave for ten minutes before merely wiping clean. Repeat if necessary.


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