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Shop the Best Professional Hard Wax Warmers - Both Single & Double Wax Warmer

Starpil’s best-selling professional wax warmers are the most high quality and superior wax machines on the market today! Our line of professional hard wax warmers contains a wax warmer collection that spans from our Starpil Standard Facial Wax Warmer that holds 125g/4oz of wax to our most heavy duty unit, the Starpil Professional X-Large Wax Warmer that can hold a maximum of 10 lbs of hard wax in its inner reservoir. Starpil’s Dual Wax Warmer is a double warmer has two removable aluminum pots and lids that can each hold 1 pound of wax on each side, and come with removable tins containing a handle that are used to easily switch out different compositions and formulas of wax blends! Our number-one selling model is our Starpil Professional Large 5.5-lb Wax Warmer that is every professional waxers dream! This unit continually stabilizes and regulates the heating elements around it and the wax inside producing a perfect honey-like consistency for each and every strip, resulting in a comfortable waxing experience for both you and your client! The newest warmers to our stunning collection of Starpil Wax Warmers are the Starpil Starter Warmers. Available in both a 400/500ml and 800ml size, they have an additional rapid heating feature that cuts melting hard wax beads or hard wax tablets in half! Not only do we offer standard hard wax warmers, but we also offer Roll-On Wax Warmers and wax cartridges in many different varieties. The Roll-On Wax Warmers contain the any of our Starpil soft strip cartridges and are available in single roller, double, and triple roller size that come with the correspondening cordless battery chargers. All Starpil professional wax warmers come with a 1-year Repair or Replace Warranty and a quality guarantee that you are using the most efficient and modern wax warmers in the world of esthetics.



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