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Empty Wax Tin 500ml / 16.90oz

On the go? Don't need much wax? Use this removable tin for heating small quantities of your favorite Starpil hard wax. It also has a cover for maintaining your wax at the precise temperature and is ideal for storage.


  • Made from heat-insulating aluminum
  • It comes with a matching lid to keep wax pristine
  • Maintains formula freshness and cleanliness while stored
  • Keeps your wax well cleaner
  • Allows you to switch out waxes with ease
  • Holds 500ml or 1lb of hard or soft wax


  • Busy waxers needing to switch out wax formulas quickly
  • Waxing gurus who love to mix and match their favorite wax formulas
  • Those who like to keep client’s wax on file for next-level hygiene.


  • Large opening but compact size holds 1lb of loose hard wax or 500ml cans of soft wax
  • Heat-insulating aluminum that inducts heat for even meltdowns
  • Lid and container keep wax at an optimal, cool temperature to maintain formula freshness and integrity


  • While all Starpil formulas are made to order, many esthies like to mix and match them when they like the setting time of one wax but the pliability of another. These tins allow you to give your ideas a try. You can play with ratios and discover the many nuances that make each wax perform the way they do.

If you like to mix custom wax formulas for clients, keep clients’ wax on tap, or just want to have multiple wax tins filled and covered, you need these 500ml Starpil Empty Wax Tins in your life! They’re made from heat-insulating aluminum that helps keep meltdowns even when used in hard or soft wax warmers. When cooled and stored, they help maintain freshness and keep wax free from oxidation or debris.

They’re simple to toss into any warmer to keep your wax wells clean and enable you to switch to a new wax formula at a moment’s notice. If you always work with an empty wax tin instead of putting wax directly into the well, you won’t have the hassle of waiting to finish your previous wax or do any cleaning to try a new formula. Just drop and go* and move from a men’s chest wax to a gentle Brazilian wax formula in-between clients in no time.

*You need a metal can lifter to use this product. Metal can lifter sold separately.

  • Wash with warm water and dish soap or wipe brand new Empty Tin with 70% alcohol before placing wax.
  • Fill empty tin with your choice of wax formula(s).
  • Melt according to the instructions given for each wax.
  • Place matching lid on to speed warming.
  • Use a metal can lifter or heat-protective gloves to remove the lid from a heated tin or the empty tin from your wax pot.
  • Store heated tin on a heat-protective surface while cooling down.
  • Keep tin and wax formulas in a cool, dry place.


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