Essential Pre and Post Oil (3 Pack)

Care for your skin the right way with Starpil's Essential Pre & Post Treatment pack!

The Pre Depilatory Gel is applied before waxing to prep and disinfect the skin, leaving fresh feeling. The Post Epil Oil is applied after waxing to flush and heal skin, removing any leftover wax. Lastly, the Post Emulsion is applied to slow down further hair growth.

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    Selected :Essential Pre and Post Oil (3 Pack)
    • Simply apply like a lotion
    • Cleans and hydrates skin
    • Slows down hair growth
    • Removes left over wax
    • 500g / 16.9oz bottles
    • Post Epil Oil by Starpil
    • Post Epil Retardant Emulsion by Starpil
    • Pre Depilatory Gel by Starpil
    • The Pre gel is used before waxing to prep skin and leave a fresh feeling
    • The Post oil is applied after waxing to flush and heal skin. Also removes any leftover wax
    • The Post emulsion is applied lastly to moisturize and slow down further hair growth

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