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To round-out and complete our collection of the best-selling wax and wax warmers, we have Starpil waxing accessories. Our Pre-Depilatory lotion is used before hair removal to disinfect, moisturize, and prep the skin for optimal hair removal. Our Post-Epil Retardant Emulsion is a post wax lotion that is used immediately after waxing to further moisturize and the skin and to slow down any further hair growth. With our selection of spatulas in different sizes (4.5”, 6”, 11” spatula for wax mixing and stirring in large quantities) non-woven depilatory strips, empty wax tins and removable wax tins that can be used with our wax warmers, stocking up on supplies for hair removal services is easier than ever! The Post-Epil Oil is one of our after wax products that is applied to the skin after waxing to both flush and heal skin and easily remove any leftover wax from the area. Hair-Puller is our best-selling ingrown hair treatment spray that helps to prevent pesky ingrown hairs and is also very helpful in for reducing any blotchiness or skin irritation after the first 24 hours of a waxing service. Starpil also carries a high-quality portable folding spa bed that is ideal for professional estheticians, therapists, and home users alike. Precision crafted from hard maple in sustainable forests, it features 3 full sections of high-density luxury padding to better ensure the most comfortable waxing experience possible. All of our waxing accessories compliment our wax and wax warmers and will no doubt wonderfully enhance both the efficacy of our products and cultivate a luxurious feel to every waxing service.



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