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The Starpil Experience

Starpil Wax strives to provide accessible, high-quality waxing products and supplies to professionals and waxing connoisseurs alike.

We have a large selection of formulas that cater to the services and needs of estheticians. These products will nourish and enhance your clients' skin while providing amazing hair removal. Whether you've tried some of our products before or are just curious about our waxes, we've got something you'll love. Discover your new favorite formula today!

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For the past 35 years, Starpil has aimed to provide our customer base with the waxing formulas, pre and post-wax products, accessories, and more that will keep their businesses growing and thriving.

We do this while striving to keep our pricing competitive and low enough to give beginners and students the ability to use the best possible products as they learn.

Starpil is committed to not only the well-being of our estheticians and their clients but also to utilizing only the best ingredients and practices in creating our products.

Proudly PETA Certified and animal cruelty-free, we formulate our waxing products to help, and not hurt. Our formulas provide users of all hair and skin types with smooth, glowing skin while reducing waxing pain and enhancing the health of the skin in the process.

Originating in Tarragona, Spain, Starpil has grown over the years with the help and support of our amazing customer base. We’ve channeled our decades of experience in both waxing and skincare to give you and your clients the best possible waxing services without breaking the bank.

With our unique and varied formulas that leave skin moisturized, glowing, and nourished while providing lasting complete hair removal, you’ll be able to give clients amazing results that will have them coming back for more appointment after appointment.

Discover what Starpil can do for you and your business! Get a free sample of Starpil wax and see how our formulas can make all the difference for you and your clients today!

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All licensed estheticians can get 3 sample wax formulas for the price of 2!


What is a Starpil sample?

Starpil is currently offering 400g samples of our best hard wax microbead and 250g samples of our hard wax tablets for very low prices.

Choose from both our polymer and non-polymer blend lineups, including our fan-favorite Blue and Pink Stripless Hard Wax formulas, or our specialty lines to see how these formulas can change the way you wax!

See what the following formulas can do for you and your clientele:

Polymer Blend
  • Stripless Pink Film Hard Wax Beads $9.99
  • Stripless Blue Film Hard Wax Beads $9.99
  • Stripless Black Film Hard Wax Beads $10.90
  • Starsoft Clear Hard Wax Tablets (250g) $9.99
  • Stripless Calendula Hard Wax Tablets (250g) $12.90
Non-Polymer (Original) Blend
  • Chocolate Hard Wax $9.99
  • Green Hard Wax $9.99
  • Malva Hard Wax $9.99
  • Natural Hard Wax $9.99

These 400g samples are the perfect way to test out a formula you’ve been interested in for a while or to see how you’d like to expand your product offerings without committing to a full size. Get your sample today!

How long will it take to get a sample?

Once approved for a sample, one of our customer service representatives will reach out to you to coordinate the shipping of your sample. Starpil prides itself on offering incredibly fast and efficient service, so you’ll receive your sample as soon as possible.

What is the 3 for 2 offer?

We’re currently offering a sample special where you’ll be able to choose any 3 formulas for the price of 2! You’ll also receive a free sample of our Pre Wax Care Gel and Post-Wax Care Oil. You’ll also receive FREE SHIPPING!

This offer is available only through our Customer Service representatives through email or by phone.

Contact us directly over the phone at (866)-972-2999 from 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM EST.

What is the difference between Starpil and other wax formulas?

Starpil provides professionals with only the highest quality waxing products. With our top-of-the-line, PETA-certified formulas, you’ll be able to provide amazing hair removal services for clients of all skin and hair types. We design our formulas around you, the professional, so you can always feel confident in the services you’re providing and the products you’re using.

Not only do we produce innovative products that cater to any and all client types, but our quick shipping and unparalleled customer service team really set us apart from the rest. We have personal account managers standing by to help you with any you might need or to guide you through your waxing or your business’ journey. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!


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