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Calendula Roll On Wax Kit

Made up of calendula, tea tree oil, and other natural ingredients, our Calendula Roll-On wax formula is made to provide users with the cleanest and most calming waxing experience possible, so as to guard against skin lifting, acne, and ingrown hairs both before, during, and after a waxing service. Known for its disinfecting properties already, our Calendula Roll-On wax only enhances this factor by combining our Calendula formula with our roll-on wax cartridges, which gives the user the most bacteria-free experience possible.

In this kit, you’ll receive:

  • Your Choice of Roll On Warmer
    Single, Double, OR Triple
  • 20pk of Calendula Roll-Ons
  • Calendula 200ml Pre & Post Wax Bundle
  • 500ct Removal Strips

Offer your clients the calming, soothing, and clean wax experience they deserve with the Calendula Roll On Wax Kit!


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