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Intensive Post-Wax Cream (Large - 500ml)

The 500ml Original Intensive Post-Wax Care Cream is more than just a post-wax soothing cream for professionals. This radically rich post-wax cream absorbs quickly to speed-up the recovery of skin’s pH levels and relieves irritation for all skin types. Penetrating deeply to balance moisture, this intensive after-wax cream cools the skin after hair removal and gently dissolves bacteria, dead skin cells, and excess oil.

From beeswax, oat extract, and olive oil, each curated ingredient in this post-wax soothing cream was chosen for its ability to hydrate, nourish or relieve potential pain, redness, and swelling from waxing. Its replenishing vitamins, minerals, and high antioxidant properties speed skin recovery, prevent water loss, and provide a protective barrier between the skin and environment after waxing.  

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