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Pre & Post Wax Care Bundle (Large - 500ml) - 4 Pack

Care for your skin the right way with Starpil's Essential Pre & Post Wax Treatment bundle!

  • The Pre Wax Care Gel is applied before waxing to prep and disinfect the skin, leaving fresh feeling.
  • The Post Emulsion is a Post Wax Care Lotion and is applied to slow down further hair growth.
  • The Post Epil Oil is a Post Wax Care Oil and is applied after waxing to flush and heal skin, removing any leftover wax. 
  • The Post Epil Acid Cream is a Post Wax Intensive Care Lotion specially formulated to speed up skin PH level recovery after waxing. Oat extracts help restore skin moisture levels while relieving potential irritation caused by waxing. Suitable for all skin types, including highly sensitive skin types.

Large 16.9fl oz./ea. | 500ml

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