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Starsoft Hard Wax Bundle

This Starsoft Hard Wax Bundle with your choice of Starsoft clear hard wax tablets or microbeads! This bundle is the best choice for estheticians looking to restock their wax supply with Starpil's luxury hard wax formula, while also replenishing pre-& post-wax care, and wooden wax spatulas. Our Starsoft hard wax formulation is hypoallergenic and is free of all parabens and rosins.

Includes you choice of:

  • One 2.2lb box of Starsoft Tablets or one bag of Starsoft Microbeads

  • 3 pack Starsoft Bundle or 4 pack Starsoft Bundle

  • 200 Ct Spatulas (100ct 4.5" and 100ct 6" Spatulas) or No Spatulas

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