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Starter Hard Wax Kit (800ml)

Start your waxing journey right with everything you need for the best waxing service possible. Our Starter Wax (800ML) kit features our Tall Starter Warmer, which can hold 27oz of hard wax. The bundle also features your choice of one of our fan favorite hard waxes and pre & post care bundles.

We also include one of our Pre & Post wax bundles to ensure that users’ skin is kept safe, moisturized, and smooth before and after the waxing service. We also include two different sizes of spatulas so your waxing service is catered to your style.

This complete kit includes

  • Starter Wax Warmer (800mL capacity)
  • Your choice of wax
    Pink film beads, blue film beads, OR black film beads
  • Your choice of Pre & Post Wax Bundle
    Original (200mL), Starsoft, OR Calendula
  • 100 pack of 6in spatulas
  • 100 pack of 4.5in spatulas


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