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Starter Soft Wax Kit (800ml)

Our Starter Soft Wax (800ML) kit is exactly what you need to start off your soft waxing journey right. This kit features our Tall Starter Warmer, which can hold a 800ml can of soft wax. Additionally, with this kit you’ll receive your choice of one of our Blue or Natural 800ml soft wax cans, or one of our reputable specialty waxes. 

Not only does this bundle feature our top of the line starter wax warmer and top quality soft waxes, it also includes our two different sizes of spatulas, as well as removal strips to make sure that you have everything you need to have a successful waxing service. Plus, to make sure skin is well taken care of before and after a service, we’ve thrown in your choice of Pre & Post Wax Bundle. 

The complete kit includes:

  • Starter Wax Warmer (800mL capacity)
  • Your choice of wax
    Pink, blue, OR natural
  • Your choice of Pre & Post Wax Bundle
    Original (200mL), Starsoft, OR Calendula
  • 100 pack of 6in spatulas
  • 100 pack of 4.5in spatulas

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