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Vegan Roll-On Wax Kit

Whether you’re a professional esthetician or an at-home waxer looking for the efficiency of Starpil’s patented roll-on wax system, but also for a soft wax with natural, vegan ingredients? We’ve got the solution in our Pure Vegan Roll-On Wax Kit. Featuring our Pure Vegan Roll-On Wax, which contains active, natural ingredients like shea butter, chamomile oil, and olive oil, this wax gives you the most effective wax possible - naturally. Additionally, this kit includes our Roll-On Wax Warmer, two sizes of waxing spatulas, and wax removal strips to ensure you have everything you need for a successful service. This kit also features our Pure Vegan Pre & Post Wax Care Accessories, which ensure your skin will be properly exfoliated, hydrated, and protected from ingrowns or additional irritation. 

This kit includes:

  • Pure Vegan Roll-On Wax Cartridges
  • Your Choice of Single, Double, or Triple Roll-On Wax Warmer
  • Pure Vegan Pre-Wax Gel
  • Pure Vegan Post-Wax Lotion
  • Pure Vegan Post-Wax Oil
  • Wax Removal Strips


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