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How to Glow Up

How to Glow Up

What are three words every woman wants to hear? 

“You are glowing!”

Women all around the world are looking for a radiating glow, leaving almost all of us to wonder how to glow up

Having glowing skin is a significant component of a glow-up, but there are so many things that can contribute to our glow and well-being. Whether they are young or old, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that at least one of our clients will ask for recommendations.

What do we tell them? What if they’ve just heard the term “glow up” but don’t really know what it means?

As beauty gurus and professionals, it’s our job to educate and inspire all to achieve their best glow, and the following checklist will help you to do just that.

What Does It Mean To Glow Up?

Glowing up is a process where one not just wants to look their best and their “prettiest,” but rather, as a whole, feel their best. Glowing up isn’t just about what products to use and how to quickly achieve their beauty goals, but it needs to start from the inside and radiate outwards, sometimes over a length of time. 

You or your clients can begin a glow-up process that gives you a daily/weekly regimen for things to help your skin, hair, face, mental properties, health, and diet.

Will it honestly make a difference?

Though many people go into their glow-up for multiple reasons, most generally do a glow-up because they want to feel better about themselves. 

Ultimately, glowing skin will create a more confident self and one who feels stronger mentally to tackle whatever life throws at them. A glow-up can also help you create and maintain new healthy habits.  

So without needing to go out and buy new products or spend money on services to get the skin glow you’re looking for, how can you naturally glow up, or should I say glow from the inside out?  

How Can I Naturally Glow Up?

You can naturally glow up by focusing on drinking lots of water, exercising regularly, cutting out junk foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, eliminating sugar, and improving your posture. 

We’ll examine these one by one.

  1. Drink Lots Of Water 

    Drinking enough water and maintaining your hydration levels are crucial for your entire health. Your skin, hair, nails, and even energy levels will thank you! 

    Glowing up means feeling and looking your best. Drinking plenty of water is critical for this. 

    I’m sure you’ve felt that run-down, groggy feeling while your skin looks a little lackluster. Ever notice a big part of that probably was because you didn’t drink as much water as you should have? 

  2. Incorporate Regular Exercise

    Exercise boosts the production of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals your body creates to help reduce stress and make you feel good. If there’s anything to help increase our natural glow - it’s having LESS STRESS! And exercise helps with just that.

    Regular exercise helps our circulatory system by increasing blood flow, giving an extra radiance, and toning our bodies. Again, we are not only increasing our glow up by looking better but by feeling better as well. 

  3. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables-Less Sugar And Junk Foods

    Fruits and vegetables provide more natural nutrients and vitamins, giving your body the rejuvenation it needs to glow up. Additionally, natural fruits and vegetables give your body the healthy foods it needs with no added toxins from processed foods. 

    Which now leads us to the foods to avoid. Junk foods and sugar make one at much higher risk for diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. 

    Not to say that we won’t indulge from time to time with our junk food guilty pleasures- but having a timely cleanse during our “glow up” will refresh us from the inside out and help our bodies rid themselves of the toxins we’re ingesting from time to time. 

  4. Improving Your Posture

    How many times have you felt back pain only to realize you’ve been slouching for the past hour? 

    Working on your posture will help reduce back pain, improve your appearance, and make you feel good, all contributing to your glow-up!

How To Glow Up Checklist

How to Glow Up Checklist

After examining how we can naturally glow up, here’s our promised checklist of how to glow up, including mentally and while in quarantine. 

  1. Indulge In A Facial

    Not only do facials provide a beautiful glow to your face, but facials also help with removing impurities and bestowing a smooth texture. Whether you can get a professional facial or do a DIY mask at home, this will all aid in your glow-up.

    Don’t forget to exfoliate! Professional facials provide an exfoliation service, but if you are doing a DIY spa day at home, be sure to incorporate this into your regimen.

  2. Whiten Your Smile

    There is no need to spend an arm and a leg on professional whitening treatments with your dentist; just have a little bit more patience and use a whitening toothpaste instead! Remember, while on your glow-up regimen (and your natural glow-up regimen), you could take this to the next step by avoiding any foods or drinks that contribute to staining your teeth.

    A pearly white smile does wonders for your outward appearance, internal happiness, and gives you the boost of confidence that every glow-up should supply!

  3. Wear Quality Clothing That Fits Your Shape And Your Style

    What you wear has a significant impact on your confidence in anything you do. If you feel frumpy, your clothes don’t fit quite right, or you’re wearing low-quality clothing, you may fear going out in them if they rip or give you unexpected clothing disasters! 

    We don’t need to buy an entire wardrobe during our glow-up, but investing in a few pieces of quality clothing that you feel amazing in and that fit your shape will do wonders for the glow you show off. Pick clothes that are YOUR style, not necessarily what everyone else likes or what is trendy at the time. Glow-ups are all about you, and your clothes should reveal that as well. 

  4. Take Time For Hair Removal...Waxing!!

    Starpil Wax Products to Glow Up

    A fresh wax and hairless body does amazing things for your glow-up! Make an appointment with your favorite esthetician and get that bikini wax you always wanted to try! Clean up your eyebrows and wax those legs so you are beach-ready! You’ll feel like a million bucks afterward! 

How To Glow Up While Quarantined

Quarantine has created challenges galore, especially feeling overwhelmed and run down. To glow up during quarantine, try creating a healthy routine for yourself and picking up a new hobby to offset the quarantine blues. 

  1. Pick A New Hobby

    With a limited number of activities we feel safe doing due to the pandemic, feeling underwhelmed with oneself and our abilities dampens our happiness and ultimately our appearance. 

    Try out a new hobby, maybe even one you’d never think you’d try or like and practice. Get good at it! Attempting a new hobby will boost your confidence and joy in something small, which in turn might end up being an encouragement to someone else. Anytime you can help others, your glow will naturally increase, too.

  2. Create A Healthy Routine

    Quarantine has thrown everything off—our work, recreation, sleep, and eating patterns. Keep yourself in a routine! Take practical steps in your beauty routine like exfoliation, regular cleansing, even serums with Vitamin C to boost your glow. 

    Make a meal plan to keep your eating habits in check. A nutritious meal plan not only helps manage your weight but increases your energy levels. Similarly, make an exercise routine like mentioned above. This will all help manage stress, anxiety, keep you healthy and keep your body in fit shape- a perfect recipe for how to glow up! 

    Please, do not forget to keep a healthy sleep routine! Being home most of the day can cause us to sleep in late, go to bed late, or maybe not even get enough sleep. Sleep is vital for our glow! No one wants puffy eyes, dark circles, and a cranky mood because they are sleep-deprived.

How To Glow Up Mentally

  1. Surround Yourself With Positive People

    Our closest companions influence us. If we want to glow up and feel better about ourselves, we need to surround ourselves with positivity and people who will help maintain that positivity! 

    Shut down negative conversations, remind yourself to push away negative thoughts, and keep your closest companions as good influences. 

  2. Set Goals 

    Make goals you have been dying to accomplish! Goals that are exciting to complete and ones you are looking forward to meeting give you ambition and drive. They can give you a feeling of purpose and satisfaction, which is terrific for your glow-up. 

    Remember to set reasonable goals that you know you can achieve in time! 

In Summary

A glow-up goes far beyond our outer beauty. It’s more than just making our skin, hair, and nails look good. A glow up reaches deep inside who we are and renews us. 

After a thorough checklist of how to glow up, feel prepared and ready to achieve the best version of yourself internally and externally with these suggestions. 

Glow-ups don’t happen overnight; They take time, so give in to the process. Keep up your healthy routines and indulge a time or two for self-care! 

Before you know it, you’ll have a radiance about you, and people everywhere will be saying, “You are glowing!” 


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