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Vegan Hard Wax Bundle - 2.2lb

Looking for a vegan hard wax free of animal products and containing only natural, active plant-based ingredients? Enter our Vegan Hard Wax Bundle, which is perfect for a beginner or esthetician who is looking for a planet-friendly wax that is efficient and user-friendly. Our Pure Vegan Hard Wax bundle has a low melting point, dries quickly, and is ultra pliable to give you the professional, high-quality experience you’re used to from Starpil, but with natural ingredients. Our vegan hard wax contains ingredients like sunflower seed oil, chamomile oil, and shea butter to ensure that your skin is left nourished and soothed. Additionally, our Pure Vegan Hard Wax Bundle includes our Pure Vegan Pre & Post Wax Care Accessories to ensure that your skin receives the best natural, hydrating, and moisturizing wax service possible. 

This bundle includes:

  • Pure Vegan Hard Wax Beads -  2.2lb 
  • Pure Vegan Pre-Wax Gel - 200ml
  • Pure Vegan Post-Wax Lotion - 200ml
  • Pure Vegan Post-Wax Oil - 200ml
  • 100ct 4.5in Spatulas
  • 100ct 6 in Spatulas

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